Boston Marathon Training: Week 14


Good Morning and Happy Monday! Coming off a huge peak week and an annoying cold, I wasn’t sure what to expect this week. Let’s see how the week unfolded.

[ Training week 14 / 2 weeks until the Boston Marathon ]

Monday – W14D01 – Steady Run (14 kilometers/1:04:14/4:35 pace) | (Strava Results). Still a little stuffed up from my cold; although I felt pretty good on today’s run. It’s been a week since I got a cold and it doesn’t seem to want to go away. Maybe I’m being too optimistic?!


Tuesday – W14D02 – Sick Day. After yesterday’s run, I decided to pickup some cold meds from the pharmacy. There were so many choices, I ended up grabbing something that appeared to address my symptoms. The only problem is I didn’t check to see if it was no-drowsy! I felt like a sloth all day today and couldn’t get my legs to move even if I tried. I’m surprised I even lasted as long as I did at work!

Wednesday – W14D03– Easy Run (13 kilometers/1:14:46/5:45 pace) | (Strava Results).  Thankfully the effects of the  cold meds wore off so I can get back to running! I didn’t have time to run in the morning or after work, so I hopped on the treadmill after taking my son to drum lessons. I’m usually feeling pretty lazy by this time of the day! Still got it done!

Thursday – W14D04 – Workout (warm-up | 4×2,000 kilometers, 3:00 rest | cool-down) | (Strava Results). It was raining all day and still raining when I got hoame from work. Considering I haven’t been feeling 100% (still!), I decided to bring the workout indoors. Today’s workout was a good one! I may have stressed the importance of speedwork in the past; it’s truly amazing the benefits you receive as a result!

Friday –W14D05 – Easy Run (10 kilometres/48:31/4:51 pace | Strava Results). I enjoy easy runs just as much as I enjoy workouts! Sometimes it’s nice to just dial it back and enjoy the sights and sounds around you; especially when your run is sandwiched between a workout and long run!


Saturday –W14D06 – Long Run (32 kilometers/2:32:05/4:45 pace | Strava Results). For the second week in a row, I had a 35 kikometre long run with several segments where I had to run at marathon pace (4:20/km is my target marathon pace for Boston). Unlike last week, I was able to drive down to High Park to start my run with my buddy Domenic. It was fairly windy by the lake, but at least it was sunny! I started the first 5 kilometer segment at an easy pace, then kicking off the first 10 kilometers at marathon pace. I felt fine for most of this segment, but towards the end, it was getting hard to take deep breaths. I hit the next 5 kilometer segment at an easy pace, then got ready to start my second 10 kilometer segment at marathon pace. As soon as I started, so did the coughing fits! I had to stop several times to cough up phlegm and ended up lasting only 7 kilometers before slowing down.

I started to run easy the rest of the way with a few bursts of speed. As I approached 30 kilometers, the coughing became really annoying and I was pretty much not having it any more. I held on for another 2 kilometers to finish the day with 32 kilometers total.

Not a terrible day, but not what the plan callled for.



2018-03-31 11.29.52.jpg

Sunday –– W14D07 – Rest Day. My son’s programming was canceled today due to Easter so we bascially did nothing all day long. I really needed that!

Total kilometers this week – 79.1

Not a great week of training; in fact, it’s probably the worst of thise cycle. I’m not concerned about my fitness level as I feel the strongest I ever had since I started running. What’s worrying me is this cold. For the next two weeks, I’m going to throw everything I have at this cold so I can toe the line 100%. Wish me luck!!

Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!


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