Boston Marathon Training: Week 10


Good Morning and Happy Monday! It’s race week! On Sunday I’m racing the Chilly Half and I’ve had a lot of success the past two years! Will the success continue the third year? It’s also my birthday on Wednesday so quite a busy week this was!

I can’t believe 10 weeks have passed in this plan! Boston is only 6 weeks away! (insert holy crap emoji here!)

[ Training week 10 / 6 weeks until the Boston Marathon ]

Monday – W10D01 – Steady Run (10 kilometers/49:52/4:59 pace | Strava Results). Haven’t had to get my run in before work in a while, but today it was necessary! Didn’t get the legs moving as quickly as I wanted today, perhaps it was because I just woke up!

Snapseed 2

Tuesday – W10D02 – Workout (warm-up | 1,600m, 2:00 jog | 1,000m, 2:00 jog | 800m, 2:00 jog | 400m | cool-down) | (Strava Results). The workouts this week while always tough, are a bit lighter so I have a bit of fuel in the tank for my race on Sunday. Got the legs turning over really well today and happy with the results!

It was also beautiful outside today! February 27th and I’m running in a t-shirt! Couldn’t have asked for a better day to get the speedwork done!


Wednesday – W10D03 – Unscheduled Rest Day.  It’s my birthday! Super busy day today and after yesterday’s late afternoon speed sesh, I wasn’t going to run in the morning! I ended up skipping my run today (the third run I missed in 10 weeks, so I’m not mad about it. Besides, it’s my birthday and I’m now officially in a new Boston age group! Funny how getting old isn’t much fun until it means you get more time to qualify for Boston! Kidding, I don’t mind getting older; I’m getting better with age. LOL


Thursday – W10D04 – Workout (warm-up, 6 x 400m, 1:00 rest | cool-down) | (Strava Results). Early morning speed work sesh! Obviously, I didn’t drink that much the night before; thankfully. Got 6x400s in and even dropped a 3:24/km pace on my second interval! Felt really fast today! The next two days will be easy runs as I head into race day on Sunday!


Friday –W10D05 – Easy Run (8 kilometres/47:47/5:58 pace | Strava Results). Super easy run today to save the legs. Two days to go and I’m getting a little excited! Kidding, I meant nervous. I really want to do well and have no idea what to expect. Also really stressing out about what to wear!

Saturday –W10D06 – Easy Run (6 kilometers/31:07/5:11 pace | Strava Results). Runners usually taper before a race, but when your race is part of your marathon training plan, you don’t really taper. You go easy on more days leading up to the race, but I was supposed to run seven days this week including tomorrow’s race! Went nice and easy today. Tomorrow’s the big day!



Sunday –– W10D07 – Race Day! (21.1 kilometers/1:27:38/4:09 pace | Strava Results). I won’t get into the race too much here because I plan on writing a race report, but holy smokes that was fast! I was hoping to PR my half marathon distance; which occurred at the Chilly Half last year. I really wanted to see how close I could get to 1:28 and wasn’t sure I could hold a 4:10/km pace for a half, but I did better than expected! I ended up with a 1:27:38! My buddy Jeph paced me the entire way and with two kilometers, I spotted my friend Jessica as I sped up a bit and she talked me into finishing!

On cloud nine right now and can’t wait to get the race report posted! Stay tuned!


Holy smokes what an amazing week! not many kilometers, but between my birthday an smoking my half marathon yesterday, week 10 has been the best week of training so far!

Six weeks to go!!

Total kilometers this week – 60.8

Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!


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