Boston Marathon Training: Week 6


Good Morning and Happy Tuesday! Yes, I’m a day late posting this recap. I was super busy over the weekend and then there was that Superbowl thing which meant I couldn’t get my post out yesterday.

This past week was a recovery week which meant I was running less (still 6 days, but the distances were reduced a bit) and my long run wouldn’t break 20 kilometers. Recovery weeks are very important in training cycles because they help prevent burnout!

[ Training week 6 / 10 weeks until the Boston Marathon ]

Monday – W06D01 – Steady Run (8 kilometers/43:05/5:23 pace | Strava Results). Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate and you need to jump on a treadmill during your training cycle and sometimes your work/life schedule doesn’t allow for a run outdoors, even if it’s only 8km. Got my run in after picking up my son from aftercare, but before dinner!

Tuesday – W6D02 – Workout (warm-up | 5 x (2:00, 1:00 jog, 1:00, :30 jog, :30, :30 jog) | cool-down) | (Strava Results). Of all the workouts I do, these short intervals can seem like the easiest, but can actually be pretty tough! 5 sets of intervals with only 30 seconds of rest before starting the next set starts to get really tough after the 3rd and 4th set! These workouts are great because they force you to maintain your turnover while you start to feel tired!


Wednesday – W06D03 – Recovery Run  (8 kilometres/42:34/5:19 pace | Strava Results). Unlike last week where I ran my Wednesday run as a steady run (quicker than an easy/recovery run), I took it easy today as my legs were feeling a little heavy after yesterday’s workout. It’s nice to have the option of running easy between workout days and today I needed that!

Thursday – W05D04 – Workout (10km Progression Run) | (Strava Results). Back on the treadmill again! The sidewalks were a bit slick today and the wind was gusting pretty good! I had a progression run planned today and I didn’t want to take any chances of hitting a patch of ice and going down. I commented on today’s Instagram post that I probably ran more times on the treadmill this training cycle than the previous eight training cycles combined! I’m still not a fan of them.


Friday –W06D05 – Easy Run (6 kilometres/30:55/5:09 pace | Strava Results). Nice and easy for today’s easy/recovery run! I wore my Saucony wool hat with a pom pom on top to prove I can have fun while I run! It was quite cold outside, but the sun was absolutely beaming which made it feel warmer than it was!


Saturday –W06D06 – Long Run (19 kilometres/1:42:21/5:23 pace | Strava Results). It’s hard to call a 19km run a long run, but that’s what I did today. As I mention above, this week is arecovery week which means my long run was not that long (for my standards! LOL). I met my buddy Dom at the Starbucks at Castlefield and Caledonia and we ran through the Beltline and did a couple of loops through the Mount Pleasant Cemetary to make up the rest of the distance!

Sunday –– W06D07 – Rest Day!

I really enjoyed this down week! My coach and I had a discussion about how I was feelign and after telling him I felt better than I have in my previous training cycles, he is modifying my plan to add in a bit more mileage and tougher workouts. I’m super excited, and a little, and a little scared about the next ten weeks of training. Boston is in 10 weeks! Yikes!

Total kilometers this week – 62.3

Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!


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