Boston Marathon Training: Week 5


Good Morning and Happy Monday! This past week of training was my favorite by far! Lot’s of fast running, a Saucony Canada event, and a 33km (20 miles) long run to cap off an awesome week!

[ Training week 5 / 12 weeks until the Boston Marathon ]

Monday – W05D01 – Steady Run (12 kilometers/54:34/4:33 pace | Strava Results). Felt pretty good on today’s steady run and I picked up the pace a bit on some of my splits. Legs were feeling great after Saturday’s 30km run! I love these steady runs after a rest day because they set the tone for the week ahead!


Tuesday – W05D02 – Workout (warm-up | 5 x 1,600m | cool-down) | (Strava Results). I was conflicted about today’s workout because I had every intention of heading over to the cemetery where I do my workouts, but the wind was picking up and I knew it would be a struggle to maintain a decent pace. I decided to bring my workout indoors instead.

The biggest problem I have with running on a treadmill is my Garmin tells me I’m running a 4:20/km pace, but I can tell I’m moving to faster! This tends to throw me off a bit, but I know I can’t rely on numbers when I train.

Today’s workout called for 5 1-mile repeats and while not easy, I got ‘er done!

Wednesday – W05D03 – Steady Run  (12 kilometres/56:46/4:43 pace | Strava Results). Wednesdays are either recovery runs or steady runs depending on how I feel after my Monday and Tuesday runs. Today, I felt like really good, so I picked up the pace a bit. Three days of running in a row and none of them are easy so far! It’s OK, there will be some easy runs coming up this week!


Thursday – W05D04 – Workout (4.56km Progression Run) | (Strava Results). I had an 8km Progression Run on the agenda for today, but instead, I did something even better. Saucony Canada hosted The Winter Warrior event in several cities in Canada for the purpose of getting runners to run outdoors! The Toronto event was a 5km run with a few fitness challenges along the way. Two of the fitness challenges consisted of drills and strengthening techniques compliments of The Runner’s Academy and a third fitness challenge gave runners the option of completing push-ups, burpees, or chugging a beer; there were no burpees or push-ups done by me that night! LOL

I ended up really pushing the pace towards the end of the run and it was fun!

I got to see a few friends, meet Instafriends IRL, and catch-up with Coach Colin, who manages the High Park Running Room where the event was hosted!

Thanks Running Room and Saucony Canada for an awesome evening!


Friday –W05D05 – Easy Run (6 kilometres/31:15/5:12 pace | Strava Results). I did it! I ran easy this week! After reading the recap of the first four days of running, you were probably wondering if I was just going to run fast all week!

Felt good to take it easy today even if it was just for 6 kilometers.


Saturday –W05D06 – Long Run (33 kilometres/2:52:41/5:14 pace | Strava Results). My first really long run of the plan (OK, last week’s 30km was pretty long too!)! Felt really good during today’s 33km (20.5mi) long run and super happy with the results. I was starting to get pretty tired towards the end, but that’s to be expected!

Similar to the past few weeks, I ran to my buddy Dom’s house and we ran 18km together. My coach wants me to try not stopping on my long runs and I need to work on this more. I tend to stop occasionally on my long runs and I think that translates into stopping during races. Something for me to work on going forward!


Sunday –– W05D07 – Rest Day!

I should have hit the mid-80s this week, but Thursday’s run was less than a typical Thursday due to the event. I spoke with my Coach about the next few weeks and we’re going to up the ante a bit on mileage. I never broke 100km in a week, but it looks like that streak may be broken soon and I’m very excited about it!

Total kilometers this week – 78.8

Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!


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