Boston Marathon Training: Week 4


Good Morning and Happy Monday! Can’t believe I’m 1/4 of the way through this training plan! I tried to remember my previous plans and whether they flew by as quickly as this plan. The good news is I’m feeling great!

[ Training week 4 / 12 weeks until the Boston Marathon ]

Monday – W04D01 – Steady Run (12 kilometers/59:41/4:58 pace | Strava Results). This time, I got all 12 kilometers in! Last week I miscalculated and only got in 14.3 somehow! It was snowing pretty good on my run which meant good traction on the Beltline. Traction is very important when it comes to Winer running and the constant thaw and freezing on the roads makes it challenging; that’s why I like it when it snows!


Tuesday – W04D02 – Workout (warm-up | 4 x Long Hils warm-up | 4 x 200m, 200m jog |  4 x Short Hills | 4 x 100m | cool-down) | (Strava Results). Hills again! I started doing something new with my hill repeats. The best hill near me is about 3km away; too far for a warm-up and cool-down. I started driving 1km away from my home and parking my car on a side street. I then get out and run to the starting point of the hill! I know. I’m a genius. LOL

In this workout, I ran 4 x long hills (roughly 450 meters) and then 4 x 200m. I then run 4 x short hills (about 300 meters) and then 4 x 100m. Such a tough, but great, workout!


Wednesday – W04D03 – Recovery Run  (12 kilometres/1:00:56/5:04 pace | Strava Results). On today’s Instagram post, I spoke about schedule runs as the hardest part of marathon training. I’m fortunate that I can get my runs in early or in the afternoon if I know ahead of time what my schedule will be like at work, but my work schedule can change at any time. I also pick-up my son from aftercare and take him to swimming on Mondays and drums on Wednesday. When you train for a marathon, you have to be flexible and not get frustrated when you need to move a run or modify along the way.


Thursday – W04D04 – Workout (8km Recovery Run | cool-down) | (Strava Results). One of my favorite workouts is the progression run. It’s a great workout that simulates race conditions. You start slow and start to increase pace along the way. Today I ran an 8km progression run and tacked on 1km of cool-down.

Back to what I was talking about on yesterday’s run, I had early morning and afternoon meetings and had to do my workout on the treadmill after dinner.


Friday –W04D05 – Easy Run (7 kilometres/36:40/5:14 pace | Strava Results). I bring this up every training cycle and brought it up again after today’s run on my Instagram post; breathing and pace. I started monitoring my heart rate while training for the Mississauga Marathon and again for the Chicago Marathon after my coach had me work on running by feel instead of pace. This is especially important in the Winter when even easy runs feel hard and breathing can be labored.

Also, I plan only calls for 6km runs on Fridays, but since I only did a 1km cool-down yesterday instead of 2, I added another kilometer today so I could get an even 80km for the week! Yes, I have issues.


Saturday –W04D06 – Long Run (30 kilometres/2:39:08/5:18 pace | Strava Results). Finally got to head out for a long run without bundling up! The weather was absolutely beautiful for my first 30km long run of this training plan. I ran 12 km to my buddy Dom’s house again and we headed towards the lake. I felt great the entire run and could have gone for longer if I had to!


Sunday –– W04D07 – Rest Day!

Two awesome back to back weeks! So happy with the way things are going so far!

Total kilometers this week – 80

Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!


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