Chicago Marathon Training: Week 14


Good Afternoon and Happy Monday! I got my update posted on Monday; aren’t you proud of me?! Last week was the start of a three week taper and it felt really good to start dialing down the kilometers. I really enjoyed this training cycle, but it’s been a busy year for me and I’m really looking forward to running for fun for the rest of the year.

[ week 14 / 2 weeks until the Chicago Marathon ]

Monday – W14D01 – Recovery Day! Still a little disappointed I couldn’t get more running in yesterday, but it’s a new week and there’s no reason to look back!

Tuesday – W14D02 – Steady Run – 10 kilometers/47:12/4:42 pace | Strava Results). Starting the week of with a steady 10km run after work. It’s a little crazy how hot it’s been the past couple of weeks. Wasn’t able to get my run in before work, so my only choice was to battle 27 degrees for 10 kilometers! Really looking forward to cooler weather!

Wednesday – W14D03 – Workout – 2x100m, 100m jog | 2x300m, 300m | 2x600m, 600m jog | 2x300m, 300m jog | 2x100m, 100m jog (Strava Results). When was the last time a workout made you smile? OK, most workouts make us smile because we know they’re good for us! While we may not smile during the workout, we most certainly are after!

When was the last time a workout analysis on Strava made you smile?! When I finished today’s workout and posted it to Strava, I just stared at it for a few moments because it was a pretty cool image! Ladder workouts are awesome for the legs and the eyes!

What I also really loved today was the Jabra Elite Sport earbuds I tried for the first time! I was fortunate enough to have someone gift me a pair and they are AMAZING! I’ve struggled to find a really good pair of earbuds because I find anything that has to plug into my ear canal to be uncomfortable. These earbuds come with four different sized rubber pieces that work very well for me. They are fit really snug and don’t move at all while running!

The earbuds have heart rate sensors and can readout kilometers, pace, and a bunch of other stats while running. I find the pace readout is a little off (I will never run a 2-minute kilometer!), but other than that, music sounds really great!


Thursday – W14D04 – Recovery Run – 7.7 kilometers/39:08/5:03 pace | Strava Results). Today called for an 8 kilometer recovery run, but for some reason, I forgot to start my watch at an intersection and I lost 300m. Had it not been close to 30 degrees, I would have made up the 300m on my watch!

It’s the Jewish New Year and we’re heading to a family friend’s place for dinner! It was one of the rare occasions where we get our son to wear something other than short or sweatpants!


Friday –W14D05 – Workout – 10K @ MP (Strava Results). Good news: I kept my pace pretty steady for my 2 kilometer warm-up, 10 kilometers at marathon pace, and 11 kilometer cool-down! The bad news: my marathon pace was more of a half marathon pace; way too fast! Pacing is still a big issue for me and I’m really hoping to get it under control in Chicago.


Saturday – Rest Day – I had a 6km run scheduled today, but my son had a swim test in the morning and then we were at the park for three hours for a soccer festival. The festival is two games with a break between for lunch. For some reason, the second team didn’t show, so the soccer organization let the parents play instead! It was a lot of fun playing soccer against my son, but it was pushing 31 degrees! By the time we got home, all I wanted to do was stick my head in the freezer to cool off. There was no chance I was going for a run today!

Sunday –– W14D07 – Long Run (23.5 kilometers [10K @ MP]/1:44:01/4:25 pace | Strava Results). Today was the last long run before my two weeks of taper heading into Chicago. The plan called for 23 kilometers, 13 of which are run at easy pace and 10 at marathon pace. My buddy Dom and I planned on meeting up by Humber Bay Park around 9:30am. I started just before 8:00am and headed South on Yonge Street. At the 8km mark, I cranked up the pace and when I reached Queens Quay, headed West. By the time I got to the lake, it was really starting to warm up! At the 10km mark, I slowed it down to easy pace and met-up with Dom with about 3 kilometers to go. We took it nice and easy the rest of the way.


Can’t believe we’re nearing the end of my 7th marathon training plan!

Two weeks to Chicago!

Two more weeks of taper!

Total kilometers this week – 64

Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!


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