Chicago Marathon Training: Week 13


Good Afternoon and Happy Wednesday! Getting slightly better at publishing my weekly training updates! Yay me! This was not an amazing week of training for me. I missed a day and cut short what was supposed to be my longest long run before I start my three week taper. I’ve been in this situation plenty of times before and it didn’t really change the outcome of my race, so here’s hoping the same for Chicago.

[ week 13 / 3 weeks until the Chicago Marathon ]

Monday – W13D01 – Recovery Day! Fully recovered from Sunday’s race! Legs feel great and I’m ready to take on week 13!

Tuesday – W13D02 – Easy Run – 6 kilometers/30:02/5:00 pace | Strava Results). 6 easy kilometers to start the week. Went out a little quicker than I wanted, but the important thing is I am feeling great after Sunday’s race!


Wednesday – W13D03 – Workout – 4x(2:00, 1:00 jog, 1:00, :30 jog, :30, :30 jog) | 4x100m, 100m jog (Strava Results). Are workouts ever really easy? They’re not supposed to be, but today’s workout was certainly more manageable than ones I’ve done in the past (and especially easier than the one I’m going to do on Friday!).

Today is a very exciting day! I finally get to register for the 2018 Boston Marathon! I am even more excited that I get to register in week one! While nothing is guaranteed, registering on the second day (Wednesday) in week one is a really good spot to be in! Now we wait.


Thursday – W13D04 – Easy Run – 6 kilometers/30:16/5:02 pace | Strava Results). I was hoping to hear back from the BAA that my entry was accepted today. I know it’s wishful thinking, but seeing people receive their acceptance emails the day after they registered on Monday really got my hopes up! Patience is something I struggle with! I had a really busy day today and couldn’t get my run in when I wanted to. I planned on running later in the evening, but I was too drained and just didn’t do it. I have an 8km recovery run planned, so no harm done.


Friday –W13D05 – Workout – 2000m, 3:00 rest | 1600m, 3:00 rest | 1000m, 2:00 rest | 800m, 2:00 rest | 2x400m, 1:00 rest | 200m, 1:00 rest (Strava Results). Pro Tip: When you’re in the middle of a workout, don’t try to coordinate a playdate for your son. My wife was attending a Yoga Weekend event in cottage country and I was squeezing my workout in between work and picking-up my son from aftercare. In the middle of my workout, I received a text from the parent of my son’s friend asking if it was OK for the boys to have a play-date. I then spent the next 30 minutes (while trying to finish my workout) trying to contact the facility to let them know my son would be going home with someone else. As a result, I did not finish strong.

I brushed off the guilt I was having for not finishing strong and shifted my focus to Boston. Around 5pm I posted a photo on Instagram jokingly asking what was taking so long and two hours later, I received the email that I so desperately wanted to receive last year when I qualified for Boston 2017.

My entry to the 2018 Boston Marathon was accepted! I let out a scream (and shed a few tears) when I read the email. Last year I wrote a blog post about missing the cutoff by 51 seconds. The blog post I write this time will be slightly different.


Saturday –W13D06 – RBC Race for The Kids 5K (5 kilometers/26:29/5:17 pace | Strava Results). It’s race day! When my son participated in the Brooklyn races the past two years, he ran on his own as parents could not run with their children. For the RBC Race for the Kids 5K, I registered with my son so we could race together! I’ve shared a number of photos and Instagram posts of me running with my son. We typically run 4-5 kilometers together (we once ran 6km together!) with plenty of stops for water and sometimes just to let him catch his breath! For the race, I really wanted him to enjoy the experience. No pressure!

I am debating about posting a race report and may actually do it. With that in mind, I’ll keep it short here. My son was AMAZING! He completed the entire 5K race (we stopped for 10 seconds around the 1.75 kilometer mark because he wasn’t able to take a sip of water while he was running. Other than that, he was determined to finish without stopping! There was a kid in the 11-17 age category (he was probably closer to 11) who kept speeding up and slowing down. Near the end of the race, my son got fed up and blasted off and chased him down! The older boy eventually sped off, but my son was matching him stride for stride (running close to 4:30/km!!!!)!

The entire race experience beginning to end was absolutely incredible! I think this will be our yearly event as it’s really geared towards kids and fundraising for kids mental health is such an important cause!

I really should write a race report…


Sunday –– W13D07 – Long Run (25 kilometers/2:04:58/5:00 pace | Strava Results). Today’s long run was supposed to be 35 kilometers. It would have been the second time I ran 35 kilometers in this training plan. The only challenge was my wife was still away for the weekend and I had to squeeze the run in between programs (Hebrew school and dance). I drove my son to Hebrew school for 9:30am, parked my car nearby, and set off on my run. By the time I started running, temps reached 24 degrees and fluctuated between 24 and 27 for the duration of my run! Needless to say, I started to get wiped out pretty quickly and could only get in 25 kilometers. I’ve missed long runs in the past, even when I had an amazing race in Mississauga in May, so I am not at all concerned!



This truly wasn’t an ideal week of training for me, but I’m so ready for Chicago. If I was racing this week or next, I’d still be ready! I can’t wait to race!

Three weeks to Chicago!

Three weeks of taper!

Total kilometers this week – 57.8

Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!


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