Chicago Marathon Training: Week 11


Good Morning and Happy Saturday! Yeah, I’m a little late with this training update. The week completely got away from me with Monday being a holiday, my son back in the school routine, and getting pretty busy at work!

[ week 11 / 5 weeks until the Chicago Marathon ]

Monday – W11D01 – Recovery Day! Only ran 21km yesterday, but Mondays will always be rest days for me.

Tuesday – W11D02 – Easy Run – 12 kilometers/100:10/5:01 pace | Strava Results). Up early for an easy 12km run. Typically these are steady runs (slightly quicker than an easy run) meaning I can get back in time to get ready for work. I must have had this in my head while I was running because my pace was picking up a bit when it shouldn’t have been.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Wednesday – W11D03 – Workout – 5xMedium Hills (400m) | 4x400m, 1:00 rest | 2xMedium Hills | 2x200m, 200m jog (Strava Results). Another early morning run and this time it was a workout! The plan called for long hill repeats (500m), but I didn’t have time to get to Sunnybrook or Hogg’s Hollow, so I did a 2km warm-up in my neighborhood and then tackled the hill at the end of my street. The hill, actually a street, is a 7-8% grade incline; not too tough on the quads, but enough to get a decent workout! The only other issue is the street is only 400m, just short of the 500m I needed. Oh well, I guess I’ll be improvising today!

I completed 5 repeats on the hill, then 4x400m repeats through the park also at the end of my street. I needed to do 3 more hill repeats, but I was running out of time and only did 2. When I tried to complete the 4x200m repeats, I bumped into someone I knew and after chatting for a few minutes just went home.

I’ve been improvising some of my runs as of late and hope it doesn’t impact me in 4 weeks in Chicago!

Thursday – W11D04 – Easy Run – 9.5 kilometers/48:42/5:07 pace | Strava Results). No early morning run today! This time I got my run in after work. The temps are starting to drop in Toronto, so I was happy to get a run in later in the day when it was slightly warmer. I forgot to unpause my watch waiting to cross Bathurst Avenue while running on the Beltlike Trail, so I only recorded 9.5km when I actually ran 10! Runner problems.


Friday –W11D05 – Workout: 10km Tempo Run (Strava Results). Worked from home today so I got my run in over lunch. On the agenda today was a 10km tempo run. Ran 2km easy, 6km at half-marathon pace or faster, 2km easy. Felt really strong today!

It’s Labour Day weekend which means three things: it’s the end of Summer, School starts on Tuesday, and we’ll probably be taking our son to the Ex this weekend!

FullSizeRender 2

Saturday –W11D06 – Easy Run (5 kilometers/30:09/6:01 pace | Strava Results). 5 easy kilometres with my son this morning! My wife hasn’t been feeling well the past few days, so it was just me and the boy on today’s run. Can’t wait for our first race together in two weeks!

FullSizeRender 4

Sunday –– W11D07 – Long Run (32 kilometers/2:39:34/4:59 pace | Strava Results). I was meeting my buddy Dom on today’s run and he only needed 17km or so as he’s racing Erie next weekend! To make up the other 15km I needed for a total of 32km, I ran from home! It was about 17km from my home to the spot where we usually park on the west end of Lakeshore. Dom did a couple of kilometres before we ran together.

For some reason, I was having stomach issues for part of my run and had to make a few pitstops along the way. Not sure what the issue is, but it seemed to pass later in the day. Thankfully my sister-in-law was taking our son to the movies in the afternoon so I got to rest up. Tomorrow is a rest day, but we’re going to the Ex as planned and there’s going to be plenty of walking arounf (and very little resting!)

FullSizeRender 5

Total kilometers this week – 79

Hope you have a great weekend and thanks for reading!


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