Chicago Marathon Training: Week 10


Good Morning and Happy Monday! Week 10 of my marathon training plan was a recovery or cut-back week, but I took it a step further by missing one of my runs! I did have a good excuse though!

[ week 10 / 6 weeks until the Chicago Marathon ]

Monday – W10D01 – Recovery Day! surprisingly I’m not as sore as I thought I would be after running 35 kilometers the day before! My legs are heavy as expected, but not sore! Tonight my wife and I are seeing Coldplay at the Rogers Centre! Very excited!

Tuesday – W10D02 – My wife and I got home fairly late last night after an amazing Coldplay concert. I was too tired to get up early for my run and I was working late. As a result, I missed today’s run. I had an 8km easy run scheduled, so I’m not concerned with missing it.

Wednesday – W10D03 – Workout – 4×1,600m, 1:00 rest (Strava Results). After missing yesterday’s run, it’s time to get back on track! I got out of the house early today. Today’s workout called for 4-1,600m (1-mile) intervals with 1-minute rest between. I didn’t realize the rest was 1-minute and I’m glad I checked before I started because Coach had me doing 2-minutes rest between in previous workouts.

You’ll notice in the chart below how my splits change between slower and faster for the four intervals. If you look below the bars, there is a grey elevation map. The first and third intervals were at 1-2% grade change and the second and fourth intervals were in the opposite direction or a -1% to -2% grade change. I certainly felt it more on the odd number intervals!


Thursday – W10D04 – Recovery Run – 8 kilometers/40:51/5:05 pace | Strava Results). The good news about today’s run? My legs were feeling OK after yesterday’s workout. A little heavy which is a good sign, but not overly tired! The bad news? I had a package waiting for me from my friends at Saucony Canada and I was so excited to pick it up, I went out a little too quick on today’s recovery run. Sorry Coach!


Friday –W08D05 – Workout: 8km Progression Run + 2km cool-down | Strava Results). Took my Saucony Fastwitch7’s out for a test run today and OMG! What an amazing shoe! I really wanted to test out these shoes after I received a lot of great feedback from people who raced in them. For the past three years, I raced in Saucony Kinvaras (first the K5, then K6, and most recently, the K8) and had a lot of success in them. Someone asked if I ever tried the Fastwitch and that got me thinking!

I did notice a difference between the K8 and Fastwitch7 as soon as I put them on. The Fastwitch7 fits like a sock! There’s also a small support in the medial post (arched side of the shoe). Even though I have a tendency to overpronate, I typically wear neutral shoes because I’m not a fan of support shoes; however, the support in the Fastwitch7 is subtle enough that it didn’t effect me at all! The shoe did feel slightly more responsive than the K8 and I really wanted to run fast! The problem is today was supposed to be a progression run and I felt myself going out faster than I should have at times!

I’ll be wearing the Fastwitch7 at my next race on September 8th. If they perform as I expect them to, I’ll also give them a chance to PR/BQ in Chicago!


Saturday –W10D06 – Easy Run (4 kilometers/25:40/6:25 pace | Strava Results). Today’s run was pretty awesome and while my son ran with me today after taking three weeks off because he was in camp, that’s not the reason it was so awesome! For the first time in the four years I’ve been running, my wife joined me for a run!

My wife has exercised-induced asthma and usually walks on the treadmill when she does her workouts because it becomes hard to breathe when she runs. The fact she wanted to join my son and I for a run was a huge step for her (pun intended)!

We took it nice and easy on our run and she did great! Towards the end she needed to walk a bit to catch her breath, but she finished strong! So proud of her for joining us and of course, proud of my son for running with us as well!


Sunday –– W10D07 – Long Run (21 kilometers/1:50:38/5:16 pace | Strava Results). It’s funny how as marathon runners, we will look at a long run and think, “I only have to run 21 kilometers today?” People train for half marathons and the distance alone can be daunting! I remember when I was training for my first half marathon and being on my feet for almost two hours seemed impossible at the time. Now I run 21 kilometers on a recovery week and I’m somewhat thankful I only have to run that much!

Today I ran with my High Park Rogue Runner friends through the Humber Trail and then on the Martin Goodman Trail. The weather was absolutely beautiful today with a slight breeze. Almost perfect weather for a race (if it were a few degrees cooler that is)!

After the run, I took my son to the Blue Jay’s game. Our neighbor and friend David and his son Ben joined us as well. It was back-to-school day at the ballpark and kids 15 and under received a really cute backpack! The Jays lost, but the kids had a blast!

Nothing better than starting a day with a run and finishing it with a ballgame!


Nine weeks of training down. Seven weeks to go!

Total kilometers this week – 53.8

Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!


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