Chicago Marathon Training: Week 8


Good Morning and Happy Monday! I’m officially halfway through my Chicago Marathon training plan! In eight weeks, I’ll be toeing the line at my second World Marathon Major and one of the most exciting races in the world! I’m already getting goosebumps thinking about it!

If the previous week of training was disappointing for several reasons, this week was the exact opposite! I hit my highest number of kilometers in a week for the first time!

[ week 8 / 8 weeks until the Chicago Marathon ]

Monday – W08D01 – Recovery Day! Felt pretty sore after yesterday’s hilly run. To help aid the recovery process, I made a really delicious smoothie with some of my favorite ingredients, including Buddha Brand coconut water and chocolate coconut chips!

FullSizeRender 5

Tuesday – W08D02 – Steady Run – 12 kilometers/GPS went wonky downtown! (Strava Results). It’s been a while since I ran with my friend Christina! I’m off work the next two weeks, so I have a lot more flexibility to run whenever I want! Christina and I headed out before lunch and ran down Yonge Street. Our mission was to find the mural below on Spadina and King! After we located this awesome mural, we stopped by a bike shop known for selling stolen bikes. I played dumb and asked if they ever sold Cannondale bikes because I heard great things about them! They apparently never “get them in,” which was sort of a relief.

Thanks for the run, Christina!


Wednesday – W08D03 – Workout – 5×1,000m, 2:00 rest (Strava Results). Today is Workout Wednesday and what a doozy of a workout it was! Headed over to the cemetery for five 1-kilometer intervals with 2-minutes rest between. Felt really strong the entire way and averaged close to 3:40/km for all five intervals! Speed work makes the dream work!

Later in the afternoon, I headed out for another run. Typically not something I would ever do, but this was worth it. Heather and Mark of Tribe Fitness were leading their usual Wednesday run; however, they were ending the run at the future location of the Tribe’s new headquarters on Queens Quay! The facility is still under construction, but we were given a tour and treated to some Beau’s IPA!

There are quite a few running communities in Toronto and the Tribe is one of my favorites. I’ve mentioned them quite often on my blog and it’s mostly because they usually have awesome cheer stations at local races! They’re a huge part of the running community and I am so happy for their success and their new headquarters! Running is just part of the services they will offer at the facility, so check out their website and stay tuned for the grand opening!

wedworkoutFullSizeRender 6IMG_6951

Thursday – W08D04 – Recovery Run – 10 kilometers/53:54/5:23 pace | Strava Results). After yesterday’s double run which included a tough workout, I was really happy to take it easy today. Got in a nice recovery run and held back the entire time!


Friday –W08D05 – Workout: 8km Tempo Run + 2km warm-up and cool-down | Strava Results). Today is going to be an interesting day! Shawn Mendes is in town for a concert and my wife was taking him to the concert! The only problem is our son is in camp three hours away! I made the solo trip, scooped up my son, then turned right around and drove three hours back! After six hours of driving, I headed out for my run!

It’s been a while since I did a tempo run and I believe this is the first of this training program. I started off with an easy 2km warm-up and then sped up to about half marathon pace for eight kilometers. I then finished off with a 2km cool-down. I’m somewhat surprised I was able to pull off this run after driving for six hours and I’m glad I did!

fridaytempoFullSizeRender 8

Saturday –W08D06 – Easy Run (6 kilometers/31:03/5:10 pace | Strava Results). We’re having the strangest Summer. Last night, a storm below through Toronto and with my wife and I both out of the house, we didn’t realize lightning struck the hydro pole behind our home and damaged a few things in our home, including our wifi router, home phone, and tankless water heater (we still don’t have hot water this morning, but it should hopefully be fixed later today!). We originally planned to drive our son back to camp together, but I stayed back to deal with replacing some of the items that got damaged. I managed to squeeze in an easy six kilometer run in the process!

Sunday –– W08D07 – Long Run (33 kilometers/2:14:56/5:24 pace | Strava Results). On the agenda today was a 32 kilometers long run with two sections at marathon pace. I met up with my High Park Rogue Runner friends at 8:30am and we headed out towards the Humber Trail. The past few long runs all took place on the Martin Goodman Trail; it’s much flatter than running through Bloor West or the Humber Trail so it would be interesting to see how this would affect the segments at marathon pace. At about the 9km mark, we hit our first segment. I did a pretty good job holding

At about the 9km mark, we hit our first segment. I did a pretty good job holding pace for the next six kilometers. We then pulled back to an easy pace for the next six kilometers and then hit our second segment. By this time, we were by the lakefront and a few of us stayed on the MGT because it was getting really hot and we were starting to run out of steam!

The next eight kilometers were run at marathon pace again. I lost my friends at this point and ran solo for the rest of the way. When I finally hit the 32-kilometer mark, I was still over a kilometer away from my car, so I ran an extran kilometer! Sorry coach!

With the hilly start and blazing sun on the back half, this was a really hard run and I’m really happy with the outcome!

Eight weeks of training down. Eight weeks to go!

FullSizeRender 7

Total kilometers this week – 88

Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!


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