Chicago Marathon Training: Week 7


Good Afternoon and Happy Monday! Over the course of a 16-week training plan, you’re going to have really good weeks and a couple of really bad weeks; it’s inevitable and bound to happen! What’s important is how you handle the bad weeks so they don’t affect the rest of your plan. This past week was not so good, but thankfully today starts a brand new week!

[ week 7 / 9 weeks until the Chicago Marathon ]

Monday – W07D01 – Recovery Day! Felt really good after yesterday’s long run workout! Legs are sore and a little tired, but that’s to be expected when you throw in some speed play during a long run.

Tuesday – W07D02 – Steady Run – 10 kilometers/48:39/4:52 pace (Strava Results). 10 steady kilometers! I don’t believe I ever explained what a steady run is, so I should probably do that now! A steady run is performed at about 60% effort. It’s quicker than an easy or recovery run, but not as fast as a race pace run or workout. I try to keep my heart rate in the 150s for these runs.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

Wednesday – W07D03 – I woke up early to walk my dog and prepare for my workout when I noticed my shed door was wide open. It didn’t take long to realize my road bike was stolen! I immediately filed a police report and was in no mood to run. My bike was registered with the Toronto Police Services and I posted it on Facebook, Craigslist, and Kijiji. Hopefully, the thieves have a change of heart and drop it off at the nearest TPS district.

A photo of the bike is below. It’s a 2015 Cannondale CAAD10 serial number CM32006. Please be on the lookout for my bike!


Thursday – W07D04 – Recovery Run (10.7 kilometers/52:23/4:54 pace | Strava Results). After missing yesterday’s run, I really needed to get out today and I’m glad I did. I attended the Ciele x Stance Toronto Launch event at BlackToe Running. The collaboration of these two great running brands results in some awesome running caps and running socks. The red cap I am always wearing in my photos is a Ciele cap!

I took the subway from my home to King Street and ran 5 of the 10km I needed for today’s run.

When I arrived, I asked Mike and Maya, co-owners of Blacktoe Running, if they had any more of the new blue Ciele caps because it would match my Rogue Runners singlet perfectly! Unfortunately, they didn’t, but I planned on ordering one through them after the run!

The store was packed with runners when I arrived! After chatting with a few friends, we headed out for a 5km run. Leading the pack was Bryan Rusche. Bryan races for BlackToe Race Team and won the Goodlife Marathon in 2016. Needless to say, he’s wicked fast and an incredible athlete! We chatted for nearly the entire run and I enjoyed every moment of it! Bryan is really cool and very humble!

At the end of the run, we were treated to Flying Monkey beer! A few minutes later, Maya walked up to me with a bag in her hand. Inside was the cap I was asking about earlier; a gift from the store. Of course, I got a little choked up when she handed it to me. Mike and Maya are amazing people (I’ve mentioned them before on my blog and in numerous Instagram posts!)! Of course, I had to buy the matching Stance socks! Below is the race kit I’ll be wearing at the Chicago Marathon. Will feel strange not to wear a red cap when I race, but this race kit is lit!

Thanks for an awesome evening and incredibly generous gift Mike and Maya!


Friday –W07D05 – Workout: 10km Progression Run + 2km cool-down | Strava Results). After complaining about city traffic last week, I decided to take today’s workout to the Beltline Trail. It worked out really well and I was stopping a lot less than if I was attempting the same workout on the street! Very pleased with the results below!


Saturday –W07D06 – Easy Run (6 kilometers/30:18/5:04 pace | Strava Results). My son was not interested in running with me today and I didn’t want to push him. The weather hasn’t been amazing lately; in fact, this has been the wettest, coolest Summer in quite some time.

After my run, we headed to our cousins’ cottage near the Kawarthas. The next day we were dropping our son off at camp an hour and a half a way.

FullSizeRender 2

Sunday –– W07D07 – Long Run (25 kilometers/2:14:56/5:24 pace | Strava Results). I couldn’t get my long run in early today because we had to get on the road early to drop our son off at camp. It was close to 4pm by the time we got back to the cottage and I headed out right away. I was feeling a little sluggish from the Subway sandwich I had for lunch. My cousin and I did the first 13 kilometers together, then she headed back to the cottage and I carried on. I ran the same route a few times already, but I was getting really tired and it was getting close to dinner. Instead of running the scheduled 30km, I cut my run short at 25km. I figured given the rolling hills, I was still getting a pretty good workout!

Very happy to have this week done with. After having my bike stolen, missing Wednesday’s run, and cutting my long run short today, it hasn’t been an amazing week.

The good news is I get to wipe it from my memory and start a new week today!


FullSizeRender 3

Total kilometers this week – 63.7

Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!


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