Chicago Marathon Training: Week 6


Good Morning and Happy Monday! Ten weeks to go! I feel like the weeks are really flying by now and Chicago is quickly approaching which is fine by me! I can’t wait to experience this amazing race!

[ week 6 / 10 weeks until the Chicago Marathon ]

Monday – W06D01 – Recovery Day! Ironic that I ran 19 kilometers yesterday and today is a rest day! Either way, it’s always good to give the legs some rest!

Tuesday – W06D02 – Steady Run – 10 kilometers/54:36/5:23 pace (Strava Results). You would think a 5:23/pace is slow for a steady run and you would be right! I finished my run, went upstairs to shower, and realized I forgot to pause my Garmin! Apparently the last 100 meters of my run were done at a 1 hour 3 minute/km pace!

I was hoping to run with Lululemon tonight, but I didn’t want to be rushed having to run 10 kilometers and then trying to get my son to soccer. My son’s games will switch to Monday nights soon, so I’ll be running with them soon enough!


Wednesday – W06D03 – Workout: warm-up |8 x 800 meters | 2:00 jog | cool-down | Strava Results).  For some reason, I woke up with tired legs and not much energy. I seriously contemplated switching up my run and doing something easier. In fact, when I completed my 2km warm-up, I paused my Garmin and stood still for a minute or so looking towards the place where I needed to run.

Like clockwork, my friend Anna was running by and asked what I was doing. When I told her I wasn’t really feeling the workout, she gave me an awesome pep talk and ran off! I ended up doing the workout and I’m glad I did! Thanks Anna!


Thursday – W06D04 – Recovery Run (6 kilometers/36:01/6:00 pace | Strava Results).

So happy today was recovery run day. If my legs weren’t feeling heavy enough before yesterday’s workout, they were even more tired after the workout! Took it really easy on today’s run and headed West on one of my usual routes. I made a turn near Caledonia and came across a few warehouses that I have seen before, but never stopped to look at. The letters on one building caught my eye and I had to stop to snap a photo!

If you follow my Instagram page, you’ll notice I’m all about cool running photos and this was one of my favorite!


Friday –W06D05 – Workout: 8km Race Pace + 2km warm-up and cool-down | Strava Results). The hardest part of some of my workouts is finding a place to get them done. For my intervals and other speed work, I often do them in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery or parts of the Beltline Trail. For progression runs, I tend to do them on the road because the distance is longer and I tend to get lost in the cemetery and the Beltline is uphill most of the way in one direction and downhill the opposite direction; neither are ideal for me when I need to run fast for greater distances!

The challenges with running fast on city streets are the the cars and traffic lights; both can really interrupt a great run! Thankfully neither were too much of an issue today and I was able to get it done!


Saturday –W06D06 – Easy Run (5 kilometers/27:55/5:35 pace | Strava Results). another run with my son and today was going to be a real test of his patience and determination! For the first time ever, my son will be running six kilometers!

We took it real slow and stopped at a couple of water fountains along the way because I forgot my water bottle! I kept asking him if he wanted to run the full six or take it easy and run five. The entire time, he insisted on running the entire six kilometers, even after he started getting cramps at the 3-4 kilometre mark!

Super proud of this kid for wanting to run with his dad and I can’t wait for our first race together in September!



Sunday –– W06D07 – Long Run (26 kilometers/2:09:38/4:59 pace (8km easy | 5km race pace | 5km easy | 5km faster than race pace | 3km easy) | Strava Results). Some days runs don’t go your way and you’re happier when they’re done. Some days you run and you feel amazing the entire time! Today was an awesome day!

Today was not a typical long run. Dom, Daniel, and I met in High Park on a warm, but absolutely beautiful Sunday morning! The first part of the run was an easy 8-kilometre pace West towards Mimico. We then turned back East to start the race pace segment of our run. I did my best to hold a 4:45/km pace and was mostly successful at it! After a 5km easy run, I did my best to hold a slightly fast than race pace for the next five kilometers and ended up going a little too fast. My should have been around 4:20/km, but I was in the 4:15/km area for the entire way.

It’s hard for me to hold pace and I know I need to keep practicing! I did get this amazing photo below to end an awesome run!

After the run, my wife, son, and I biked around the neighborhood for a bit. Actually, it was a mix of biking and walking because my son is still getting used to his big boy bike!


Total kilometers this week – 76

Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!


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