Chicago Marathon Training: Week 3


Good Afternoon and Happy Monday! Three weeks of training complete and just 13 to go! I had another great week of training with a really tough workout that didn’t exactly go as planned! The important thing is I’m feeling great so far!

[ week 3 / 13 weeks until the Chicago Marathon ]

Monday – W03D01 – Recovery Day! We had off work for Canada Day and we made the most of it by not doing much. We ran a few errands and I played with my son in the park for a bit, but we mostly just hung out and took it easy!

Tuesday – W03D02 – Steady Run – 10 kilometers/47:38/4:46 pace (Strava Results). Nice and steady today! Feeling really good so far and excited about the third week of training. I’m also enjoying these early morning runs partly because they aren’t too early that I dread waking up and I still have the who day ahead of me when I’m done!


Wednesday – W03D03 – Workout  (warm-up |4×400, 400 jog | 2×1000, 2min jog | 4×200, 200 jog | 4×100, 100 jog | cool-down | Strava Results).  Today’s workout was a good one. I haven’t really done a lot of pyramid workouts in the past (workouts that start with shorter distance intervals and gradually increase in distance before decreasing again) and I like that you build up to longer distances rather that just gunning it for 1km or 1mile to start. Maybe I’m just a wimp when it comes to speedwork!

It was pretty hot and humid, but I got it done! Speedwork in the Summer is no joke! You really need to listen to your body and adjust your workouts accordingly.

Somehow I managed to run an extra 200m interval even after writing the workout on my hand. Not sure how that happened.



Thursday – W03D04 – Recovery Run (8 kilometers/48:42/6:05 pace | Strava Results). Took recovery run to an entirely new level this morning. I started off nice and light for a bit then bumped into my friend Anna on the Beltline. She was also running easy, so I stuck with her for a bit. On the way back, I bumped into my friends Sherab and Ray and they were moving much easier than I was already going, so I joined them for a recovery run shuffle for a kilometer or so before peeling off and heading home!

It’s always fun running into friends on the Beltline!


Friday –W03D05 – Workout (warm-up | 1x1600m, 2:00 rest | 3x1000m, 2:00 rest | 4x strides | cool-down | Strava Results). I planned on running today’s workout first thing in the morning because I knew it would be difficult and I also knew it would be stinkin’ hot by the time I got it in. Unfortunately, not everything goes to plan when you’re training for a marathon and today was one of those days.

I started my warm-up nice and easy, then got ready for what would be four 1-mile repeats in the sun. I nailed the first repeat in 6:05 (pretty fast!) then stopped for my 2:00 planned rest. I started feeling a little lightheaded and dizzy, but brushed it off and started the second repeat. I only lasted one kilometer before having to stop. I knew at that point I wasn’t going to be able to do any more 1-mile repeats, so I slowed my pace down a bit and ran the last two repeats at one kilometer.

Runners need to respect the heat during Summer training. If you’re not able to get your runs in first thing in the morning or late at night, you may need to adjust your plan if you feel you’re not hitting your paces. It’s better to be safe than sorry!


Saturday –W03D06 – Easy Run (5 kilometers/28:21/5:40 pace | Strava Results). My little man wanted to join me on my run again today! I had a 6km run planned for today and he would have done the entire distance, but I didn’t want to push him. 5km for his second time running is pretty amazing!

It was less humid than last Saturday’s run and he stopped less often which was absolutely amazing! The best part of the run came when I turned to him and said he was doing amazing and he looked back and me to say we were both doing amazing! I was beaming from ear to ear when he said it.

The funny part of all of this was I ordered him a pair of Saucony shoes and my son didn’t want to run until the shoes arrived.



Sunday –– W03D07 – Long Run (26.5 kilometers/2:30:29/5:02 pace | Strava Results). Daniel wasn’t running with us this morning and because we’re starting to increase the long run mileage, Dom and I decided to start 30-minutes earlier. We were joined by one of our running friends from the North, Mike. Dom needed a bit more than we did, so he started from his home. Mike and I drove down to Humber Bay Park and started our 30km run with Dom, who broke off when he hit his distance.

I felt phenomenal the entire run, and Mike, who was coming off a few nagging injuries, also had a great run! At one point it drizzled a bit which was really refreshing. Super excited about getting that distance in!

Afterward, we joined Anna and Sammy for brunch at Eden.

Even with the hiccup on Friday, I am really happy with the results of this week and can’t wait to jump into week four!


Total kilometers this week – 74.4

Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!


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