Chicago Marathon Training: Week 2


Good Morning and Happy Monday! It’s a holiday in Canada for most people (Saturday was Canada Day so we get Monday off!). Last week was an awesome week of training with a couple of hard workouts and a really nice long(ish) run on Sunday; however, the best part of my training week happened on Saturday! Continue reading to find out what happened!

[ week 2 / 14 weeks until the Chicago Marathon ]

Monday – W02D01 – Recovery Day! Hashtag #SometimesNotRunning

Tuesday – W02D02 – Steady Run – 10 kilometers/47:59/4:48 pace (Strava Results). Started off week two of training with an early morning run. It was raining a bit when I got started and I really enjoyed it. I love running in the rain (unless it’s freezing rain!)!


Wednesday – W02D03 – Workout  (warm-up | 5x1000m, 3:00 jog | 4xstrides | cool-down | Strava Results).  I’ll probably mention every week how the workouts in this training plan are harder than my previous marathon plan also created by Coach Colin. In the first plan, Coach wanted to see how I responded to his style of coaching. In the second plan, he ups the ante. Today’s workout was 5 1-kilomete runs with 3 minutes of jogging in between. There’s no rest between intervals and after the intervals are done, we do 4 sets of strides.

Strides are typically done during easy or long runs to get the blood flowing and your heart rate elevated; however, this is the first time I saw strides incorporated after speedwork when the heart rate is already elevated. I asked my coach about this and the reason for adding it after speedwork is to teach you to turn the legs over when you’re tired helps develop good form and keeps you in touch with quicker speeds throughout your training without the downside of lactic accumulation. Strides after a workout also keep you sharp the quicker strides and opening up of your gait after a more rhythmic tempo effort can help break up the effect of becoming too engineered at tempo speed and turnover!

Thanks for explaining this Coach!


Thursday – W02D04 – Recovery Run (8 kilometers/41:22/5:10 pace | Strava Results). I got home from work and noticed a package from Saucony Canada was waiting for me! In the box was a number of awesome items, including a pair of Freedom ISO training shoes in green (Saucony just released the Freedom ISO in a new set of awesome colors), a blue endorphin singlet, and a handwritten letter from one of my favorite people in the running community, the marketing manager at Saucony Canada. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have my favorite running brand recognize my love for their

I’ve been getting a lot of questions on social media asking how I got hooked up with Saucony. The truth is I’ve been incredibly fortunate and very lucky to have my favorite running brand recognize my love for their products. I keep meaning to write a blog post to share my thoughts on the Saucony products and why I don’t run in anything else; perhaps it’s time to get on that!

I took my new Freedom ISO’s for a recovery run around the hood. After yesterday’s workout and in light of the workout that was coming up the next day, it was nice to enjoy the ride!


Friday –W02D05 – Workout (warm-up | 10:00, 3:00 rest | 5:00, 2:00 rest | 3:00, 1:30 rest | 2:00, 1:00 rest | 1:00 | 4 x strides | cool-down | Strava Results). There are workouts you know are going to hurt and you look embrace them because you know they are going to make you stronger. Today’s workout was very tough and when I was running at 90%+ for 10 minutes while my legs and lungs were burning, deep down, I was loving every moment of it. I jokingly complained that Coach Colin was trying to kill me with some of these workouts, but the truth is I am grateful for the way he is pushing me!


Saturday –W02D06 – Easy Run (4 kilometers/24:55/6:13 pace | Strava Results). Canada is 150 years old today! Technically not for several reasons which you’re welcome to Google, but 1867 was the year of Canada’s Confederation so that’s the date we go by. Anyway, this isn’t a history blog so let’s get to the reason why today was one of the best training days ever! Today, I asked my eight-year-old son if he wanted to join me for a run and he said yes! I had an easy four-kilometer run scheduled, so it was no problem at all taking it easy today.

My son grabbed his high-top basketball shoes, a Lebron James Miami Heat jersey, and cotton shorts and we headed out the door. My son is pretty active in school and does play soccer, but running four kilometers continuously is not something he has done in the past. He participated in a one-kilometer race three years ago and participated in the one-mile race in Brooklyn the past two years when I participated in the Brooklyn Half.

My son now uses one mile as the measuring stick for everything. While we were running, he kept asking me if four kilometers was more than one mile. Then wanted to know if it was more thn two miles. I carried water because it was fairly humid and we took a few water breaks so he didn’t over heat, but he was absolutely amazing the entire way! He even “sprinted” the final 500-meters and gave me a huge high-five when we finished!

I would love for him to start running one day, but I’m not going to push it. For now, he will hopefully join me for my easy Saturday runs which are between 4-6 kilometers.


Sunday –– W02D07 – Long Run (26.5 kilometers/2:16:29/5:08 pace | Strava Results). The plan for today’s long run was simple; find the duck. There’s a big yellow “rubber” ducky hanging out at the Toronto Waterfront, and we decided as a group to go find it. I met my High Park Rogue Runner crew at the High Park Running Room at 8:30 am and we headed out. The weather was perfect, slightly warm, and not as humid as it was the week prior! At the 10km mark, we found the duck, as well as a ton of people snapping photos, near HTO Park. I wanted to run past it, but you wouldn’t be able to spot me in the crowd, so a few of us just stood in front of it and had a random stranger snap a photo.

Once we got that out of our system, we finished the run. It really was a beautiful day for a run! We also spotted Rose, Dom, Anna, and Sammy near Humber Bay Park!

This really was an awesome week of training and I’m feeling amazing! Bring on week three!


Total kilometers this week – 71.1

Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!


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