Mississauga Marathon Training: Week 17


Good Morning and Happy Monday! We’re in the home stretch with six days remaining until the big day! I was much more anxious about this race last week, but I decided to stop reading race reports and just chill out. I’m not thinking about this race nearly as much as I was before. It’s only positive reaffirmation and vibes for the next six days!

This will be the last Mississauga Marathon training update I post on my blog. By this time next week, I’ll be working on my race report which will helpfully include some awesome news!

[ week 17 / 1 (6 days) week until the Mississauga Marathon ]

Monday – Recovery Day.

Tuesday – W17D02 – Steady Run – 10 kilometers/36:50/4:36 pace. We’re in full-on taper mode, so runs are starting to dip into the single digits. Feels strange mapping out routes less than 10km long! Started this run before dawn and took a few splits pretty quick while still in control and steady. When I got home, I was alerted to the fact I hit a new VO2 max! I know VO2 max data is controversial when reported by smartwatches, but I’ll take it!

Strava Run


Wednesday – W17D03 – Workout. I had to get this workout in early and headed over to the cemetery. I expecting the cemetery to be open so early and I only had to run 400s which I planned on doing on the Beltline next to the cemetery. I was surprised to see people walking through the cemetery (the gates were locked where I was running), but decided to keep the run on the Beltline and figure out how to get in at another time.

The workout was tough, but not as tough as last week’s killer workout! I was happy to hit my last 400m interval at 3:23/km!

Workout: 8 x 400m, 1:00 rest

Strava Run


Thursday – W17D04 – Recovery Run – 8.0 kilometers/31:43/5:17 pace. Legs didn’t feel heavy after the hard running the last two days; this is a good thing! Took it nice and easy today. Happy with how disciplined I am during my recovery and easy runs in this plan. I was always going out way too hard on my runs during the last Spring race.

It was absolutely beautiful outside today and I got to wear my High Park Rogue Runners singlet today! I’ll be wearing this singlet next Sunday!

Strava Run


Friday – W17D05 – Easy Run – 6 kilometers/31:18/5:13 pace. The plan called for an easy run today. I started at our home, ran around our hood, and ended up at my son’s school. I’ll do this more often in the Summer when the weather is nicer and it also gives my son an opportunity to run with me a bit.

Strava Run

Saturday – W17D06 – Long Run – 16 kilometers/1:17:16/4:50 pace. This week’s long run moved from Sunday to Saturday. I believe the purpose of this is to ensure I had enough time to recover ahead of race day. I went out a little too fast in some of my splits, but I was feeling good!

Strava Run


Sunday – W17D07 – Easy Run – 6 kilometres/27:27/4:45 pace. Not going to lie; it was nice sleeping in a bit and only running 6 kilometers on a Sunday! Weather was really crummy today. Thankfully my race isn’t until next Sunday!

Strava Run


Total kilometers this week – 49.4

Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!

T-6 days!


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