Mississauga Marathon Training: Week 16


Good Morning and Happy Monday! Only two weeks remain in my training plan and it’s starting to feel really real! The next two weeks are going to feel like an eternity as I obsess over things outside of my control (weather) and things within my control (not getting caught up in taper madness and staying healthy)! I am starting to get anxious about race day and can’t want to get to the starting line!

Inhale…..exhale. Relax.

[ week 16 / 2 weeks until the Mississauga Marathon ]

Monday – Recovery Day.

Tuesday – W16D02 – Steady Run – 10 kilometers/47:37/4:46 pace. Got my early morning run in! I was working from him in the morning, so I was able to start a tad later. This meant I could run the Beltline trail which would usually be much darker if I ran earlier in the morning.

Strava Run


Wednesday – W16D03 – Workout. What a workout! After the intervals were done, my legs started shaking and I had to stop for a moment to collect myself before I ran the cool-down segment. I tried to remember the last time Coach had us do a workout without stopping between intervals and couldn’t. Even though the workout called for jogging between intervals, the legs kept moving for 5km and I was wiped when it was over.

Workout: 4 x (2:00, 1:00 jog | 1:00, 30s jog | 30s, 30s jog)

Strava Run


Thursday – W16D04 – Recovery Run – 8.0 kilometers/40:51/5:06 pace. Surprisingly, my legs were a little tired from yesterday’s workout, but didn’t feel as heavy as I expected. Took it nice and easy on today’s run to keep the legs moving, but not overdo it! It was pretty chilly, wet, and windy on today’s run and it started to give me flashbacks of my marathon last May!

Strava Run


Friday – I only missed 2-3 days of training in the previous 15 weeks due to injury. Something I’m really proud of because it’s often difficult to stay healthy during a tough training cycle; especially at my age!

I’m sad to say I missed today’s run, but thankfully not due to an injury. I came home from work absolutely wiped out. I went back and forth a dozen times trying to decide if I should drag my butt out the door to run. If I did run, it would need to be after dinner as I didn’t have time between getting home from work and picking up my son from after-care (the window I opportunity for most of my runs). At dinner, I had a glass of wine and that sealed the deal. I was even more tired than I was when I got home! Not going to dwell on it!

Saturday – W16D06 – Easy Run w/ Fartleks – 10 kilometers/46:37/4:40 pace. The plan for today was to keep it nice and easy for 6 kilometers. After missing yesterday’s workout, I decided to mix things up a bit by tacking on 4 additional kilometers and adding in some fartleks.  I have some speed work in tomorrow’s long run, but it felt good to get the legs moving a bit after missing a run.

Strava Run


Sunday – W16D07 – Long Run – 25 kilometres/1:57:30/4:42 pace. Last long run of this training plan! Dom, Daniel, and I were joined by Anna as well as our running family from Kleinburg today! It was really awesome running with these awesome people for a bit before Dom, Daniel, and I sped up for our speed work portion of our long runs. We ran the first 8km easy, the next 10km at MP, and the final 7km easy.

Afterwards we have brunch and chatted about Boston, of course, training, and life in general. It was great to see everyone again!

Strava Run


Total kilometers this week – 62.5

Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!


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