Mississauga Marathon Training: Week 10


Good Evening and Happy Monday! My training plan just hit double digits and there are two months to go before the big day! After a really great week and an awesome race, it was time to get back to my regularly scheduled plan.

[ week 10 / 8 weeks until the Mississauga Marathon ]

Monday – Recovery Day. Legs felt a little heavy after yesterday’s half marathon. Happy to have the day off to recover!

Tuesday – W10D02 – Steady Run – 8 kilometers/38:58/4:52 pace. Another early morning steady run! Legs still felt a little heavy from my race and still slightly sore. Aside from that, I’m feeling really good!

Strava Run

Wednesday – W10D03 – Workout. I had to swap my Wednesday and Friday workouts because I didn’t I didn’t want to do 1600m repeats in the cemetery. Instead of repeats, I ran a 10K progression with a 2K cool-down. Progression runs are fairly tough, but what’s tougher is trying to maintain the right paces based on feel. Based on the graph below, I think I did really well! This run was slightly more difficult to do thanks to the 35km+ winds in Toronto!

My legs were finally feeling really loose and just in time for this important run!


Workout: 10K Progression Run + 2K Cool-down

Bonus: When I got back from my run, I noticed a few boxes on my front porch from Buddha Brands Co.! I’m super excited to be a brand ambassador for this awesome company! I plan on writing a blog post about their awesome products, but in the meantime, you can learn more by clicking here.


Strava Run

Thursday – W10D04 – Recovery Run – 8.0 kilometers/40:54/5:01 pace. It’s been a while since I ran on the Beltline and with the snow long gone, I figured the path was in decent shape for a run. I took it easy to give my legs a rest for tomorrow’s big workout!

Strava Run

Friday – W10D05 – Workout. Had to get my workout done after dinner which meant hitting the track at night. Whatever was going on with the weather the past few days was at it’s worst tonight as it was very windy at the track! It was also very cold! There are a few areas of the track not protected by buildings that allow the wind to slap you right in the face. Even trying to run the opposite way didn’t provide any relief!

The workout was a hard one and I could not wait to get it done with. As I was finishing, a runner obviously crazier than me showed up on the track with no hat (I was wearing a toque that’s how cold it was!) and shorts! Runners really are a crazy but, but some are downright certifiable!

Workout: 4 x 1600m | 3:00 rest


Strava Run

Saturday – Rest day today and I gladly accepted it. I was wiped from yesterday’s workout in the wind! My family visited the ROM to see the Blue Whale exhibit. As members of the ROM, we were able to sit through a lecture where Burton Lim, Assistant Curator of Mammalogy in the Department of Natural History shared how the museum recovered one of 9 blue whales who tragically died in the St. Lawrence river in 2014 after being trapped in the ice. The story was really sad and seeing the skeleton of the whale up close was even sadder, but the exhibit was absolutely amazing!

Clearly not running related, but if you have a chance to get to the ROM, please check out this exhibit!

Sunday – W10D07 – Long Run with an added bonus! I had a 24km long run scheduled, but also agreed to be a race ambassador for the Achille’s 18th Annual St. Patrick’s Day 5K Run/Walk event. The race would be the last 5km of my long run with the first 19km starting from my home. The forecast was calling for -19 celsius and it sure felt that cold when I first started my run. I’ve mentioned the Achille’s Canada foundation a few times on my blog and on my Instagram page. They’re a non-profit organization that provides people with various disabilities an opportunity to receive the physical, psychological, and communal benefits of running. The club offers training and support by able-bodied members to its Achilles athletes of all ability levels. I was really excited to be a race ambassador; however, I was also so busy with work, my training plan, and my family, I wasn’t as effective as I could have been.

I finished my long run at the Steam Whistle Brewery, the start and finish line of the race and met my friends inside. It was nice to warm up prior to the race, but I knew my legs would not want any part of the race after relaxing for nearly one hour. The good news is I checked with my coach and he advised me not to race. I could run relaxed, but don’t gun it. Knowing that I planned on taking it easy which is mostly what happened.

At the start of the race, I saw a few friendly faces from Nuun, Saucony, BlackToe Running, and RunToBeer; amongst a number of my other friends! A few minutes prior to the race, we headed outside. I left my running jacket at the Nuun tent and braved the cold for what would be a fun 5K race.

Strava Run

Strava Run

My friend Jen was also taking it easy, so I decided I would run with her and keep the pace nice and casual. As long as I didn’t dip under 4:30/km, I’d be good!

The race started and we were having fun dodging other runners. Aside from the Achille’s Runners who were running with guides, the race attracts a number of beginner runners because of the short distance. The race opens up a bit after about a kilometer. It was around the 2km mark that Jen decided she was going to push her pace a bit. It was then that I decided I would play the role of a pacer. The pace picked up a bit and before we knew it, we were heading towards the finish line. I may have yelled at her a few times to relax her breathing and stay light on her feet, but in the end, she finished with a PB of 22:39, so I’m not apologizing!

After the race, we were treated to warm chilly and a free pint of Steamwhistle beer! Later in the evening, I heard Jen and I were on TV along with another running friend Michelle. There was a point when a cameraman was taking a video of us at the finish line, but I didn’t think anything of it!

The event was really cool and very well organized and has really great sponsor participation. Perhaps if there’s a time I’m not training for a marathon, I’d love to race it because the course is also really scenic! According to our GPS watches, we ran 6 kilometers, but that’s only because the signal bounces all over the place downtown.


Total kilometers this week – 64.6

Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!


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