Mississauga Marathon Training: Week 3


Good Morning and Happy Monday! These training weeks are just flying by and I’m not sure if I should be happy about that or not as it means my goal race is getting closer and closer! This past week was also the first time I ever ran 6 days! When I first started running, I typically ran 3 days a week, sometimes 4. Last year, I bumped it up to 5 and quite honestly wasn’t sure 6 was doable because of my work/life schedule.

Before I get into the week, I wanted to quickly bring up the strangest dream I had last night. I dreamed I was running the Mississauga Marathon and doing really well! I had a ton of energy and came flying in to the finish! I was ready to celebrate smashing my goals when someone came up to me and said I finished way too fast! After a few moments, we quickly realized I only ran a half marathon! I was absolutely devastated and started to quickly go through the races I would need to run to before September and I started to get even more anxious. Thankfully I woke up and realized it was a dream! Now I just need to make sure I run the full distance in May. LOL!

[ week 3 / 15 weeks until the Mississauga Marathon ]

Monday – Recovery Day! Nothing to report here other than I rested! Rest is really important after a week of training to replenish your glycogen stores!

Tuesday – W03D02 – Steady Run – 10 kilometers/54:20/5:26 pace. I woke up to walk my dogs and could barely make it 100 meters past my home because it rained overnight and the sidewalks were a sheet of ice. When I was crossing the street to get to my car, I wiped out and landed on my thigh. Finally, I tried to make a right turn on the road leading to my office and my car just went straight! Thankfully it was early enough and there weren’t many cars on the road!

When I got home, the sidewalks were still slick in some spots, so in an abundance of caution I took my run indoors!

After the run, I stretched and did some core exercises and strength training later in the evening.

Strava Run


Wednesday – W03D03 – Workout – 10 x 400 | 1:00 rest. There are workouts you know are going to be tough and you have to decide if you’re going to embrace them or stress about about the entire time. I’ll be honest, I used to stress out over workouts. How much should I warm-up, how hard should I go? Can I eat tacos before a workout or will that upset my stomach? All questions I’ve asked myself in the past!

The new me is embracing these workouts and while I may still stress out about when I can get them done given my busy schedule, I look forward to the hard work knowing they will benefit me in the long run!

Christina, Dom, Anna, and Daniel met me at my house and we ran over to the North Toronto Collegiate Institute track for our workout. The track is just shy of 400m, so the workout would mean 10 laps around. Each time we completed a set, the 1 minute rest seemed to get get shorter and shorter! By the end, it felt as if we were resting for seconds rather than an entire minute! What really helped us get through it was the change of direction. After 5 sets, we turned and ran the other way!

This workout was pretty tough, but we all smashed it!

Later in the evening I added core work!

Strava Run


Thursday – W03D04 – Recovery Run – 10 kilometers/54:56/5:29 pace. Slow and steady was the plan for today’s recovery run and I think I nailed it! Part of what helped me slow down was the fact I ran on the Beltline and the center of the trail was icy, but the edges were clear of ice. They weren’t clear of mud though as it’s been fairly mild in Toronto this week. When I wasn’t sliding on patches of ice, I was sliding on mud!

I added in more core work later in the evening.

Strava Run

Friday –W03D05 – Workout – 2 x (5:00, 2:00 jog, 3:00, 1:30 jog, 2:00, 3:00 jog) + 4 x (100m, 100m jog). I performed this workout on my own and boy was it a good one! Running at 90% for 5:00 equated to about 3 times around the track or 1.3 kilometers. It’s fine the first time, but doing it again after a set of 5:00, 3:00, and 2:00 running with jogging between sets is really tough! The workout then ends with a few quick 100m runs at 90% followed by 100m jogs). All of my splits were in the low to mid 3:00/km which seems fast, but could potentially be caused by GPS issues with tall building surrounding the track. I need to attempt a few of these workouts in the cemetery where the GPS accuracy is much better so I can really determine how fast I’m going. Nonetheless, I was moving pretty fast!

Later in the evening, I added some core work.

Strava Run


Saturday – W03D06 – Easy Run – 6 kilometers/32:20/4:58 pace. The first two weeks of the training plan we didn’t run on Saturdays. Going forward, there will be a few weeks where we do add in an additional day of running to get get our mileage up each week. Running today means I would be running 6 days in one week. It would be the first time I ran 6 days in week since I started running almost 4 years ago!

The run was really easy and only 6 kilometres!


Strava Run

Sunday –– W03D07 – Long Run – 24 kilometers/2:04:01/5:10 pace. Daniel and I met Dom at his house so we could get in a few kilometers before meeting up with friends at the High Park Running Room. The marathon clinic at the Running Room was doing 13 kilometers and our plan was calling for 23. Dom’s place was about 5 kilometers away from the Running Room which worked out perfectly! We ran through Bloor West again (LOT’S OF HILLS!) and my legs felt great the entire time!

Later in the evening, I added core work to close out a busy week of running!

Strava Run


I ended the with just over 72 kilometres! By end of the next week, I’ll be running in Punta Cana!

Total kilometers this week – 72.6

Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!


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