Mississauga Marathon Training: Week 1


Good Morning and Happy Monday! My sixth marathon training cycle officially kicked off last week and I’m really excited! I can honestly say I have never been more determined in any of my previous cycles! In a previous blog post, I mentioned I am working with Coach Colin from the Rogue Runners and he whipped up a doozy of a plan! Here is a breakdown of what I’ll be doing:

  • Monday – Recovery Day
  • Tuesday – Steady Run
  • Wednesday – Workout
  • Thursday – Recovery Run
  • Friday – Workout
  • Saturday – Fluctuates between a Recovery Day and an Easy Run
  • Sunday – Long Run (three and two weeks prior to my marathon, workouts are added to the run)

When I first started training for marathons, I ran 3-4 times a week. Last year, I bumped it up to 5 days a week and now I’ll be running 5-6 times a week! I’ll also be exceeding my previous weekly running totals midway through the plan.

[ week 1 / 17 weeks until the Mississauga Marathon ]

Monday – Recovery Day! Somewhat ironic my first day was a recovery day! I jokingly said to my friends I was going to smash my first day of training and I did! Sunday was New Years Day and I was hurting from partying the night before, so I was happy to have Sunday and Monday off so I could start fresh!

Tuesday – W01D02 – Steady Run – 9.2 kilometers/53:08/5:46 pace. I went on a few runs with Christina the week prior and we discussed her possibly testing the plan I would be following for Mississauga. With us both off work another week, she agreed to join me on some of my runs. Tuesday would be a steady run, so no pressure! Unfortunately, it was raining all morning and the Beltline was a skating rink. We decided to run through the streets of my hood and took it nice and easy.

After the run, I did a strength training circuit and some core exercises later in the evening. Not a bad start!

Strava Run


Wednesday – W01D03 – Workout – 3x(2min, 1min jog), 4x(1min, 1 min jog), 4x(30sec, 30 sec jog). As soon as I read this workout, I knew this training plan was going to be special. I never trained like this in the past and intervals for me tended to be 800m repeats every few weeks. Christina and I headed to the North Toronto Collegiate Institute track (just 800 meters from my home!). I used to run on this track when I first started to incorporate speed work in my training, but it was only open to the public after school let out and the various team sports were done practicing. With school out this week and not many people off work, the track was essentially empty with the exception of one or two others who were working out.

The idea of the workouts is to maintain your heart rate in zone 4 (Threshold or VO2 Max). Recovery, rest, or “jogs” should be performed in zone 2. I analyze my runs on Strava, so the first thing I noticed on my Friday workout is my Garmin may say I’m running in zone 4, but Strava recognizes it as zone 5. I’ll play with this when I have more time, but as long as the hard parts of the run feel like 80-90%, you’re in the right zone.

I really loved this workout and felt great the entire time. I know it’s early in the cycle, but I’m really feeling great!

After the run, I did a core circuit with specific exercises to strengthen my diaphragm.

It was also no surprise at all that Christina was great on the track! I can’t wait to see how fast she becomes with all the hard work we have coming up!

Strava Run


Thursday – W01D04 – Recovery Run – 6 kilometers/33:24/5:34 pace. Recovery runs for me will always be run in zone 2; especially considering these runs fall between two workouts! The last thing I want to do is jeopardize my plan because I didn’t feel like running slower. I’d rather cut a run short than rush through it! Today’s recovery run was an easy 6 kilometers near my home.

I added in more core work later in the evening.

Strava Run

Friday –W01D05 – Workout – 5km (Run 1:30 in Zone 4, fully recover, repeat). This workout was a lot of fun, but also really hard! Christina joined me for this workout and instead of running a 5km route around my hood, we went back to the track. Thank goodness for running watches, because there is no way I would be able to keep track of the number of times we ran for 1:30, stopped, then repeated it. We ended up going around the track 10 times! Again, super proud of Christina for the way she handled this workout!

Later in the evening, I added a core circuit.

Strava Run


Saturday – Recovery Day! As I mentioned earlier, there will be Saturdays where I have to run 6 or 8 easy kilometers, but today was not that day. I spent the day hanging out with my son and doing absolutely nothing! My wife has been away since Thursday, so we pretty much vegged out all day. It was a lot of fun

Sunday –– W01D07 – Long Run – 16 kilometers/1:28:56/5:33 pace. With my wife away and no one to watch my son, I had to take my run indoors today. It was brutally cold outside, but I’d still rather be out there than on the treadmill. Anyway, I got it done!

Strava Run


Total kilometers this week – 46.6

Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Mississauga Marathon Training: Week 1

  1. I just found your blog and am enjoying following along! It’s funny that you’re out on the track in Toronto – I’m in Vancouver and most of our outdoor tracks are too snowy/icy for running this week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Alyssa! Thanks for finding me and leaving a comment! We had a lot of snow last week and yesterday it snowed all day, but it’s also raining a bit so everything is washed out! Today I’ll be doing my speedwork in a cemetery!


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