My Road to Boston 2018

After missing the cutoff for Boston 2017, I was determined to work even harder to give myself the best opportunity to make the cutoff for Boston 2018. One advantage I have over my previous attempt to qualify is I enter the 45-49 age group for the 2018 race and now need to better a 3:25:00 marathon finishing time (an additional ten minutes from the previous age group). Considering my personal best in the marathon distance in 2016 was 3:13:42, I could follow the same training plan and hope for the same outcome; however, this doesn’t coincide with the goals I established for 2017.

This year, I want to be a fitter and faster runner than I was in 2016. I exceeded my expectations last year, but did I reach my full potential? We’ll soon find out! The Mississauga Marathon is my Spring goal race where I not only intend on smashing my BQ, I intend on smashing my PB time. Here’s what I’ll be doing differently to make it happen.

The Plan

With the exception of my first attempt at the marathon distance where I followed a Higdon Training Plan, I always developed my own plans. The plans were developed to hit specific paces and were flexible enough to adapt to my unpredictable work and life schedule. I’ve got a lot to learn about running and I’m far from a running coach; however, I knew what worked for me and I was able to shave 15 minutes and 20 minutes off my marathon times following this strategy. The plans were a hodge-podge of various plans and far from perfect, so this time I wanted to try something different. I wanted to see if I could work with a running coach who could help me develop a training plan to meet or exceed my goal.

My buddy Daniel introduced me to Coach Colin Murray-Lawson from High Park Rogue Runners. Coach Colin is a beauty of a runner with a wicked running resume. I met Coach Colin at the High Park Running Room in November and shared my previous race experience as well as my goal for my Spring marathon. Coach Colin developed a plan that we feel targets my biggest problem area; speed endurance. There’s no question I can be on my feet for 3 1/2 hours or more, I just need to improve my ability to continue running at a fast pace for the entire duration of a race.


Strength Training

I included strength training in both my Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon and Erie Marathon training plans although I wasn’t very disciplined and missed a number of workouts. This time around, I will hold myself accountable for ensuring I do all of my workouts. Like last time, I’ll follow the Building Better Runners strength training circuits provided by The Runner’s Academy.


I have always been good about my diet throughout the duration of my marathon training plans, but always felt I could do better. I don’t want to worry about everything I put in my body this time, but I will try to be more conscious about making smarter choices.

Believe Logbook

Finally, I will be using the Believe Logbook to track my progress. All of my run data will be stored in Strava and Garmin Connect, but once it’s posted to a website, it’s almost “out of sight out of mind”. By documenting my progress and making notes on how I felt during my runs, I will be able to hold myself accountable for ensuring I put in the work to give myself the best chance to smash my goals. I will also document how I felt during the run so I can look back and review my progress.


Final Thoughts

I’ll be posting my training progress on my blog each week. I invite you to follow along and hopefully this will inspire you to find ways to track your own progress as you work towards your goals in 2017!


5 thoughts on “My Road to Boston 2018

  1. My sister gave me the Believe journal for Christmas. I’m excited to get started using it too! Sounds like an awesome plan for your spring marathon. I’ve been thinking a lot about what to switch up for my training too!

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    1. Thanks Danielle! Last night I forgot to enter some info in the journal and it really bugged me! I think that’s a good thing. LOL. What plans have you followed in the past?


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