My 2017 Running Goals

Before I dive into my running goals for 2017, I want to recap my running goals for 2016 of which there were two. One I spoke about constantly and even resulted in me starting this blog. The other was a lesser known goal which I rarely spoke about, but I still would have liked to … Continue reading My 2017 Running Goals


Mizuno Wave Rider Turns 20

Last week I was invited to a Mizuno Media Night event by my friend Michelle Clarke, Mizuno's Brand Building Specialist who also happens to be an incredible athlete with a long list of accolades! The event was located at Energia Fitness, which includes a retail store on the first floor and a studio space on the second … Continue reading Mizuno Wave Rider Turns 20

Race Report: TCS NYC Marathon

If you're here to read about my experience leading up to and finishing the 2016 TCS NYC Marathon, I highly recommend you sit back and relax. This is going to be a long post. The 2016 TCS NYC Marathon was the fifth time I finished the marathon distance in two years and third marathon I did … Continue reading Race Report: TCS NYC Marathon