I’m a 2016 TCS New York City Marathon Social Media Ambassador!


Earlier in the year, I found out I would be running in the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon. I didn’t enter the lottery or qualify for guaranteed entry, instead, I was nominated to run through a corporate sponsor. Considering how difficult the lottery process is and I’m currently 5 minutes shy of the required half marathon qualifying time, there was no way I was going to say no to the opportunity to run in one of the biggest races in the world. If it’s not already obvious, I grew up in Brooklyn and, at one point, lived two blocks away from the Verrazano–Narrows Bridge (mile 1 of the marathon), so I can’t wait to run through my old neighborhood and other parts of NYC I know so well!

Fast forward six months and I’m not only running in the biggest race in my life, I’ve also been invited by the New York Road Runner: NYC Community Running Organization (NYRR) to be a 2016 TCS New York City Marathon Social Media Ambassador!!!

From what I can tell, there are less than 10 ambassadors and the perks are pretty awesome! So, what exactly is a 2016 TCS New York City Marathon Social Media Ambassador? Glad you asked! Let’s take a look at what this all means:

Program Overview

NYRR is working with social media influencers (me) as well as pro-athletes (WHAT?!?!) to follow their journey (REALLY?!?!) as they prepare and train for the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon. As a part of the ambassador program, influencers and athletes will post regular updates on their social media channels of their training journey, takeover the NYRR Snapchat or Instagram Stories account for one day, potentially participate in a Twitter chat, and join us for a meet & greet during marathon week (COOL!).

All of this sounds way too good and I am looking forward to sharing my journey over the course of the next eight weeks! Aside from the regular Instagram and Twitter updates, I’ll also take the opportunity to share my journey right here on my blog! Here is a breakdown of the posts I’ll be making.

√ Topic 1: Announcement that you are a TCS NYC Marathon social media ambassador
∗ Topic 2: A look at how my eating habits have changed as I train
∗ Topic 3: Finding the time to train
∗ Topic 4: Preventing injury/taking care of your body
∗ Topic 5: Cross-training/alternative exercise for training
∗ Topic 6: Where I train/run
∗ Topic 7: Why I am running the TCS NYC Marathon
∗ Topic 8: In New York City!
∗ Topic 9: I finished the TCS NYC Marathon

So happy I can finally share this news with you and I hope you all follow my journey!




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