Erie Marathon Training: Week 14

week 14

Good Afternoon and Happy Monday! For those in the States and Canada, I hope you’re enjoying the long Labour Day weekend! It’s hard to believe my race is six days away! This will be the last training post I make. Next Monday I hope to have my race report posted with good news about the results!

I also haven’t been very active aside from these posts, but starting next week, I will start blogging about the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon! This past Saturday I shared the news on my Instagram page that I was selected by NYRR to be a social media ambassador for the race! This means I’ll be blogging about different topics leading up to the big day in November.

[ week 14 / 6 days until the Erie Marathon ]

Monday – 10 kilometres/47:24/4:38. I felt pretty good today, so I sped up a bit on today’s run. I


Strava Run

Tuesday – Because I ran Friday through Sunday last week, I decided to move tomorrow’s rest day back so I could get my speed work in. Not stressing my plan anymore as there are two weeks left and I’m feeling really good. It’s impossible to gauge my fitness level considering how often we had to run in extreme heat and humidity, but I did nail my 10K race in June, so I should be good to go for Erie!

Wednesday – 11 kilometres/51:41/4:41 pace. I was supposed to do my last interval workout today but just didn’t have the time. Instead, I just ran really fast on the Beltline! The photo below may be pretty confusing if you don’t follow me on Instagram, so check out this post for an explanation!

In other news, I ended August with 304 kilometres. This is the second most kilometres run in a month. The most I ever ran in a month was 322 back in January.


Strava Run

Thursday – 10 kilometres/46:59/4:42 pace. I ran fast again today. I know I should probably take it easy considering I am tapering, but I will have plenty of time next week to take it easy! I felt bad about missing my speed workout yesterday, so I went a little quick today.

While I was running on the Beltline Trail today, I passed 3-4 runners from Achilles Canada. Each runner was guiding a visually impaired runner with the help of a tether. Every visually impaired runner I passed on the trail was smiling and, while I have no idea what they were thinking, I could only imagine how happy they were to be running!
I really need to start approaching runs as a gift that others wish they had even if it means I still need to hit a specific time or pace. Today was a very good reminder of that!

Strava Run

Friday – I was off work today but didn’t run. Instead, I did some shopping at the Saucony outlet store with my buddies Dom and Daniel. I picked up a pair of shorts for my race. For the first time since I started racing, I’ll be wearing all Saucony gear. I’m a huge fan of their running shoes and can’t see myself ever switching.

Saturday – 18.2 kilometres/1:33:05/5:06 pace. Today was the last long on the training plan! We only ran 18 kilometres today (Only, HA!) and I felt great. It was very strange finishing our long run so early! On the run, we bumped ino someone Daniel knew who was also running Erie next week. I am starting to think there will be more Canadians than Americans running that race!


Strava Run

Sunday – 8 kilometres/42:55/6:02 pace. Not only was today’s run the shortest distance I ran in a long time, it was also the slowest! Today’s run was a make-up for missing Friday. After the run, I took my son to the Canadian National Exhibition (The Ex). It was a vry long day with a lot of walking, but he had a blast! The treat for me was watching the various planes perform overhead during the air show.



Strava Run

Total kilometres this week – 56.6

I couldn’t be happier with the work I’ve done on this training plan. I did feel a lot more confident heading into my last BQ attempt at the Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon, but that’s only because I had a half marathon and 30k race leading up to the marathon. This is also the second time I got through an entire marathon plan without being injured!

Thanks for following me on my Erie Marathon training journey. I appreciated all of your comments and likes! Registration for Boston 2017 starts September 12th, so the next few weeks will be very interesting. Good luck to everyone who is racing Erie or any of the other races feeding Boston and good luck to those who qualified and will be registering in two weeks!

Hope you all have a great week!


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