Erie Marathon Training: Week 12

week 12

Good Morning and Happy Monday! We’re getting close! One more week of 70+ kilometres and then we taper.

[ week 12 / 3 weeks until the Erie Marathon ]

Monday – Intervals! 2 kilometres warm-up, 5 x 1km.@10K pace, 2 kilometres cool-down. Today’s run was a real treat (pun intended). My friends at BlackToe Running hosted a running event in partnership with Saucony Canada and Booyah Inc. ice cream! I’m a huge fan of BlackToe and I only run in Saucony shoes, so there was no way I was missing this event! As a bonus, runners who registered and completed the workout were treated to ice cream.

The workout was 5 x 1km intervals at 10k pace (4:04/km) around Coronation Park. My speed workout was scheduled for tomorrow, so I decided I would run my interval pace (3:53/km) instead. There were a few speedsters in my pace group which really helped. The first lap was 3:50, a tad faster than my interval pace. The second lap was 3:39/km (zoom zoom)! The final three laps were 3:56, 4:00, and 3:53. After 4 laps, I was gassed, but I managed to nail my final lap. I never ran 1km intervals before and they were fun. The only challenge was the hairpin turns in the park and the other runners/cyclists on the path. Still really happy with the workout and I think I earned my ice cream!

Thank you BlackToe, Saucony Canada, and Booyah Inc. for an awesome evening!


Strava Run

Tuesday – 10 kilometres/49:37/4:58 pace. With my workout completed yesterday, I took it easy today. Looks like I won’t need to shuffle my runs around the rest of the week so tomorrow will be a much-needed recovery day!

Wednesday – On Wednesday, we rest! It was nice to not lace up my runners today. Instead, I ate all the food, drank all the beer, and devoured all the watermelon.


Thursday – 2.4 kilometres/11:21/4:33 pace + 10 kilometres/47:56/4:47 pace + 2.5 kilometres/13:32/5:25 pace. Tonight I joined the RunTOBeer crew for another fun 10km run. The location this week was Junction Craft Brewing near Keele and St. Clair. I drove to my friends’ house and then ran to the brewery. Andy Saito was pacing the front of the pack, so I joined him for the first 5 kilometres where we picked up the 5km group. I noticed Matt Loiselle and his friend Kevin O’Connor waiting for us to arrive.

Matt and Kevin are ridiculously fast runners. Matt is an accomplished Canadian elite runner and Kevin is an accomplished elite masters runner. Running and chatting with these guys is always an awesome experience. After the run, we met up with Walter Faoin and Joy Kramarich, a husband and wife duo and accomplished masters runners. The resumes of all four of these runners are quite impressive and I just stood there is awe, sipping my beer, listening to them tell stories about their experiences or other well known running friends of theirs.

Matt, Kevin, Joy, Me, and Andy

Strava Run

Strava Run

Strava Run

Friday – 10 kilometres/49:14/4:53 pace. Another easy run on the agenda today. Tomorrow is the last long ass run of the training program and we have a simulation run planned. Need all the energy I can spare!

When I got home, there was a package waiting for me from Challenge Dash. The Challenge Dash is a virtual 5k/10k race presented by FitFam and Nuun. I never participated in a virtual race before, but when I saw the swag, I had to register. The best part is a portion of the proceeds go to benefit Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF). The way it works is between August 26th and August 29th, you run a 5k or 10k route and report your results on the Challenge Dash website. There are prizes for Best Photo (Individual), Best Photo (Group), Best Hydration Photo, Most Inspirational, Fastest 5K runner, Fastest 10K runner, and more! The kit also comes with great discounts for Oiselle and Garmin gear!


Strava Run

Saturday – 29 kilometres/2:27:17/5:04 pace. I think I’m starting to realize I don’t run well in hot, humid temps. I struggle to get my breathing under control, even if it’s a slow run. I’m still putting in the distances, so hopefully that won’t be a factor on race day. Today’s run was supposed to be 2 kilometres warm-up, 26 kilometres simulation (marathon pace), and 4 kilometres cool-down. I was fine for the warm-up and started locking in the for my simulation run. I was fine for 14 kilometres of simulation running before I started to have trouble controlling my breathing. My heart rate at times was hovering close to my anaerobic zone and that further exasperated my breathing issues. I ended the run at 29 kilometres. I’m not overly concerned and won’t put too much pressure on myself come race day, but it better not be this hot on September 11th!


Strava Run

Sunday – Recovery Day! It’s been a few weeks since I was able to recover on a Sunday and boy did I need this one. Thankfully my schedule held up this week. The family spent most of the day at the Toronto Zoo where we ended up walking 10 kilometres! I LOVE my Garmin Fenix 3 because it lets me know how active I am even when I’m not running!

Total kilometres this week – 73.4

Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!


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