Erie Marathon: Week 11

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Good Morning and Happy Monday! There are 4 weeks to go before I toe the line at the Erie Marathon!?!? I didn’t tally much mileage this week due to it being a recovery week and I missed a day due to an ab strain. Let’s take a look at how the week panned out.

[ week 11 / 4 weeks until the Erie Marathon ]

Monday – 12 kilometres/58:44/4:53 pace. Today’s run was an important milestone in my young running career because I surpassed 2,106km in 2016! I wrote a blog post about my struggles to stay healthy and the impact injuries had on my running each year leading up to 2016. There’s no question I am a stronger, smarter, and healthier runner today, but it took a number of bad injuries for me to understand why they were happening. If you struggle with staying healthy, I highly recommend you check out the post!


Strava Run

Tuesday – I was scheduled to get a workout in, but I got home late from work and didn’t have time to run before my son’s soccer game. I plan on making it up tomorrow!

Wednesday – Well that didn’t work out! My son had swimming lessons right after work and I planned on making up yesterday’s run after dinner. It was blazing hot outside, so my motivation level quickly evaporated. Instead, I poured a pint of my favorite beer and enjoyed it while admiring my favorite race shoes!


Thursday – 11.5 kilometres/57:43/5:00 pace. I haven’t run with my Night Terrors Crew in a while, so I decided to get for a run with them again. It was great to see a few familiar faces and some of the new blood that started running with the crew since I last ran with them! While we were running, I tweaked a muscle in my lower abdominal section. I did this two years ago and the pain comes and goes. It never caused any major concern while training or racing, but it really started to bother me during tonight’s run. I did go for a physical a few months ago and I apparently don’t have a hernia, but I will have it checked out again after the NYC Marathon when I’m no longer training!


Strava Run

Friday – I had an easy run scheduled today, but I was still pretty sore from last night’s run. Since I already missed Tuesday’s run and only have Sunday left as far as recovery days, I will be missing my first run in the first 11 weeks of this training plan. I’m not overly concerned with it!

Saturday – 23 kilometres/1:59:42/5:12 pace. Long Run Saturdays! The weather forecast called for thunderstorms all morning and we were running rain or shine. When I got up this morning, I noticed it rained overnight, but it did not help to break the humidity. It was stifling hot at 6:00am and did not get any better when we started our run at 7am. I was having a difficult time breathing and had no idea how we were going to finish the run. We had 24km scheduled, but I called it quits after 23km because my sneakers were soaked from sweat. It was harder to run 23km today than 32km a few weeks ago! That really was awful.


Strava Run

Sunday – 12.5 kilomtres/47:50/4:57 pace. Got up and did an easy 10km run today. Nothing fancy. We did see Pete’s Dragon today with our son. If you plan on seeing the movie, bring tissues. The movie is absolutely amazing and there were a few times I was glad we were sitting in the back of the theatre so no one would see me wiping away the tears. At one point, I looked over and my wife was wiping her eyes as well.

Strava Run

Total kilometres this week – 56.5

Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!


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