Erie Marathon Training: Week Nine

week nine

Good Morning! This week was a recovery week, but I still managed to rack up the second most kilometres in my marathon training plan so far! Not only did I run a lot, I also joined RunTOBeer on Thursday and Nike+Running in NYC (so many awesome photos below!) on Saturday while visiting my family over the weekend! So much happened this week, so let’s begin!

[ week 9 / 6 weeks until the Erie Marathon ]

Monday – 10.1 kilometres/47:45/4:42 pace. With Sunday being a recovery day, I’m usually well rested for Monday’s run. I know I need to take it easy with Tuesday being a workout day, but today was not going to be one of those days. I eased into the run and then worked my run between marathon, half marathon, and finally 10k paces. Sometimes you feel good on easy days and you need to run fast!

Strava Run

Tuesday – Hill Repeats! 3.6km warm-up, 6×400 hill repeats, 3.5km cool-down. I’m still not feeling 100% from my nagging cough and it was incredibly humid out today, so I reduced the distance on my hill repeats from 600 metres to 400 metres so I can complete six repeats. This is also the last time I will do hill repeats in my training plan. From here on out, it will be tempo runs and intervals only on workout days.


Strava Run

Wednesday – 10 kilometres/55:04/5:30. Wednesday is a recovery day for me, but I’ll be traveling Friday, so I got a run in today. I had to start my run after dinner which is good because a storm was passing through while we were eating and I was worried I wouldn’t get the run in. At one point in my run, I stopped to take photos of myself running through puddles, which was fun, but I forgot to pause my watch, so one of my 1km splits was 12:07! I did run a few splits in the low 4’s, so that made up for it!

I really like how Instagram “introduced” me to so many incredible runners and taught me a lot about running and staying fit, but imagine how much shorter my runs would be if I didn’t spend so much time taking photos! At least I’m not out trying to find Pokemon!


Strava Run

Thursday – 6 kilometres/28:19/4:43 pace + 10 kilometres/48:59/4:53 pace. Every once in a while, I get the opportunity to join the RunTOBeer crew. The purpose of these runs is exactly what it sounds like; you run and then you’re rewarded with a beer! To participate in a run, you need to register through a link posted on the event page on Facebook; runners receive one free drink ticket they can redeem for a free beer at the conclusion of the run. Tonight’s run started and ended at Henderson’s Brewing Company situated on the rail path near Bloor. I took the subway down to Yonge and Bloor and ran 6 kilometres to the start. Not only was it a RunTOBeer event, the Canada Running Series was revealing the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon medals so it was an extra special evening!

There is a 10km, 5km, and 3km route and I often choose the 10km option. Tonight would be the first time I got to run with Brandon Teed on a training run. The last time I “ran” with Brandon, he was yelling at me to move my ass when I was getting tired at the Waterfront 10 race in June; so I was looking forward to an easy run so we can chat. My buddies Dom and Daniel also participated, as did one of Brandon’s friend Billy Madden who I knew from Instagram but hadn’t met in person yet. Oh, there were also 150 or so other runners participating in this run; many of whom I knew!

Billy, Brandon, and I were usually in the front of the pack racing each other while jokingly saying we should be taking it easy the entire time. The run was a lot of fun and the company was awesome! After the run, we enjoyed a couple of pints of Henderson’s and got to ogle the awesome marathon, half marathon, and 10km medals. I’m already registered for the half marathon, but after seeing the marathon finisher’s medal, I had serious medal envy. Unfortunately, I’m running Erie September 11th, and NYC November 6th, so running another marathon October 16th probably would not be wise.


Daniel, Heather, Me, Billy, Brandon, and Dom



Strava Run

Strava Run

Friday – Travel day! We’re heading down to Brooklyn to visit my family so instead of being on my feet for a few hours, I’ll be on my bum. My Garmin activity tracker will not be happy with me today!

Saturday – 26 kilometres/2:34:59/5:32 pace. I put the call out on Facebook to see if anyone wanted to go for a run today, but completely forgot about the Nike+ Run Club in NYC! Thankfully my friend Brittany Moran, Nike+ Run Club Coach Toronto reminded me. There weren’t any available spots, but Brittany reached out to Coach Julia Lewis of Nike+ Run Club NYC to get me in (Thanks Brittany!). I took the subway from my parent’s house to the Nike store in the Flatiron area of Manhattan. From there, we ran through Chinatown, over the Manhattan Bridge, and through downtown Brooklyn. The run ended at the Nike store in Flatbush, Brooklyn. I’ve now attended a Nike+ run in two cities and absolutely LOVED them! I wrote about my run with Nike+ Toronto which you can read here.

Finally, I wanted to hit 300 kilometres for the month of July and calculated how many I would need on Saturday to hit that mark. Somehow I miscalculated and fell short by 6 kilometres! Either way, July was a great month!


Strava Run

Sunday – Today is a recovery day. It was raining on and off all day, so we took our son and his cousins to see Ice Age and we basically vegged out the entire day!

Total kilometres this week – 73.7

Total kilometres in July – 294

Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!


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