Erie Marathon Training: Week 13

Good Morning and Happy Monday! I had a great week full of fun running activities including a STWM tune-up run and a weekend running in Cottage Country! Let's see how the last week of running played out before the two weeks of taper craziness kicks-off this week! [ week 13 / 2 weeks until the … Continue reading Erie Marathon Training: Week 13


Erie Marathon Training: Week 12

Good Morning and Happy Monday! We're getting close! One more week of 70+ kilometres and then we taper. [ week 12 / 3 weeks until the Erie Marathon ] Monday – Intervals! 2 kilometres warm-up, 5 x 1km.@10K pace, 2 kilometres cool-down. Today's run was a real treat (pun intended). My friends at BlackToe Running hosted … Continue reading Erie Marathon Training: Week 12

Erie Marathon Training: Week Nine

Good Morning! This week was a recovery week, but I still managed to rack up the second most kilometres in my marathon training plan so far! Not only did I run a lot, I also joined RunTOBeer on Thursday and Nike+Running in NYC (so many awesome photos below!) on Saturday while visiting my family over … Continue reading Erie Marathon Training: Week Nine