Erie Marathon Training: Week 8

week eight

Good Morning and Happy Monday! Not the best training week for me as I am still feeling the effects of a respiratory virus and missed a day of running, but still got a nice long run in, so all is not lost!

[ week 8 / 7 weeks until the Erie Marathon ]

Monday – 11.1 kilometres/5519/4:58 pace. A nice pace for a Monday run. I even got an extra kilometre in today! I received my Nuun singlet in the mail today and was excited to wear it because it perfectly matched my new Ride 9 training shoes! Both are so blue!

Strava Run

Tuesday – 12 kilometres/56:28/4:42 pace. Tempo run day! My marathon pace is 4:30/km, but I’m starting to do my tempo runs a bit faster. I know with the right training and discipline, I can beat my target marathon time of 3:09 (I missed it by 4 minutes in May due to bad pacing and terrible weather), so I’m slowly working towards that goal! I was pretty much locked in at 4:24/km for the 7 kilometres of my tempo run today and super happy about that!

tempo tuesday

Strava Run 

Wednesday – “Building Better Runners” strength training circuit #1 + core. Happy to have the day off to rest as my cough is starting to get worse. My wife finally convinced me to go to the walk-in clinic tomorrow after work.

Thursday – 4 kilometres/19:02/4:43 pace + 4.4 kilometres/22:40/5:02 pace. I caved and visited the walk-in clinic today. I also needed to get my run in which meant running to the clinic, then running back. The good news is I don’t have bronchitis, but I do have some wheezing in my right lung which the doctor wants to check again if I don’t kick this cough!


Strava Run

Strava Run

Friday – This is now the second week in a row that I missed a run! I did not feel good about it, but I also am not feeling all that good!

Saturday – 32 kilometres/ 2:54:46/5:28 pace. The plan for today was to not die. Actually the plan was to run 30 kilometres and see how I felt along the way. My friend Christina was joining the crew again! While we all had a 30 kilometre run on our schedule, Christina is training for the Golden Ultra in BC and needed to run 32 kilometres.

We decided to keep it relatively flat today, so instead of running through Bloor West, we stayed on Lakeshore and ran East towards Mimico for about 10 kilometres. I haven’t run through that part of the city yet, so the change of scenery for the first 10 kilometres of the run was really nice.

The run was tough and it had less to do with how I felt physically than it had to do with the heat. Even though we started our run at 7am, it was already getting really hot, fast! Regardless, we all toughed it out and I ended up with 32 kilometres after-all which was awesome!


Strava Run

Sunday – I really wanted to make-up my Friday run today, but I also really wanted to rest. By the time I got around to heading out the door, it was too late. I still ended the week with just over 63 kilometres and a 32 kilometre long run so I’m happy. There are five weeks of good running left (the last two weeks of the plan are for tapering), so I have a few more opportunities to tack on more kilometres.

Total Kilometres This Week – 63.6

Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Erie Marathon Training: Week 8

  1. Nicely done on the Sunday long run! I was just reading Christina’s blog and the heat and humidity sounded brutal. I grew up in Toronto… and can’t imagine doing long runs in some of that summer heat! Haha. Fun to hear where you’ve done your long runs! I always try to figure out where to go when I’m home visiting my parents in Etobicoke.


    1. Thanks Danielle! We’re such creatures of habit though. In 6 months, we will be wishing it was 30 degrees and humid outside!

      Let us know the next time you’re back home and we can try to arrange a run together!


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