Erie Marathon Training: Week 7

week seven

Good Morning and Happy Monday! This week was a recovery week which means a drop in mileage. While I missed a day this week because of a chest cold, I did join the Nike Run Club Toronto for my their Saturday Long Run and LOVED it!

[ week 7 / 8 weeks until the Erie Marathon ]

Monday – 10.1 kilometres/49:53/4:55 pace. Now that my long runs moved to Saturday and I am trying to get my speed work done on Tuesdays, my Monday are all about feel for me. Of course I tend to feel really when I don’t run the day before, but I also don’t want to go too fast given the next day I’ll need my energy!


Strava Run

Tuesday – 10 kilometres/49:32/4:57 pace. I didn’t have time for speed work today, so I squeezed in a 10k run and added some fartleks. On the second half of the run, I mixed in some 5k, 10k, and FM pacing to get those fast twitch fibers firing! I’m feeling pretty good about my speed and conditioning, but I can ‘t afford to miss too many of these workouts!

Strava Run 

Wednesday – “Building Better Runners” strength training circuit #1 + core. No running today, so I made sure to incorporate some strength training. I also started coming down with a chest cold which I originally thought was just allergies. Hopefully this doesn’t impact my training!

Thursday – 10 kilometres/50:03/5:00 pace. I didn’t meet up with Dom for our Thursday night run, which meant I stuck to my standard 10k run on the Beltline. Still not feeling so great.

Strava Run

Friday – Wasn’t feeling well at all today, so I skipped today’s run. I registered for my first Nike Run Club run tomorrow so better to rest than to miss the run because I’m really not able to get out.

Saturday – 21 kilometres/ 1:41:49/4:51 pace. Ok, so today’s run was AMAZING! So good, it deserves its own blog post! Dom, Anna, Daniel, and I all registered for the Nike Run Club (NRC) Long Run. We wanted to register once our friend Brittany Moran was announced as a Nike Run Coach. Everything was well planned from registration to the post run hangs at The Loft. The vibe before, during, and after these runs is like nothing I ever experienced. The boys started with the 5:00/km pace group, but halfway through the run, we took off with Pacer Dylan Day. Not going to get in to too much detail here because I’m definitely going to write about this run on my blog later in the week!

Strava Run

Sunday – “Building Better Runners” strength training circuit #2 + core. After yesterday’s run, I headed to Collingwood with my wife and son. My in-laws live there year round and we went up to spend the evening with them. It was also the weekend of the North Face Endurance Challenge, so the place was buzzing with runners. I ran the half marathon last year, but decided not to run this year because I am putting all of my energy in to the Erie Marathon and also didn’t want to risk injuring myself!

Total Kilometres This Week – 51.1

Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!


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