Erie Marathon Training: Week 6

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Good Morning and Happy Monday! What a hot, sticky week! I’m taking on a new role at work which means I won’t be able to do my runs after work for much longer; however, I’m holding off from moving my runs to the early morning for now until I have no choice. I dread waking up early, but it’s a good alternative to running in these blazing hot temps!

QOTD: When do you like to get your runs in? Are you an early riser, night owl, or somewhere in-between?

[ week 6 / 9 weeks until the Erie Marathon ]

Monday – 11 kilometres/56:47/5:10 pace. Soooooo hot! I spoke briefly about running in the shade provided by the Beltline trail in today’s Instagram post. While running in trails wrecks havoc on my allergies, it’s still nice to get a reprieve from running in the direct path of the sun. I purposefully took it slow today and had a really great run considering I just wanted to get back to my house and plant myself in front of my air conditioner!

Today was also America’s birthday. If it wasn’t obvious from the tagline of my blog, I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I moved to Canada just over nine years ago. Hopefully my friends and family had a great day and my running friends in the States earned their July 4th badges on Nike +!


Strava Run

Tuesday – Intervals! 3km warm-up, 6×800 @VO2 Max with 2:00 rest. Have you ever dreaded a workout? Given the high temps in Toronto, I was really dreading doing intervals today. In fact, I was thinking about it Monday night and most of the day Tuesday!

Today’s workout called for six intervals. My training plan calls for each 800 metre interval to be run at 3:53/km pace, but I decided (whether right or wrong) to crank it up a bit. The pace of the six intervals were 3:44, 3:50, 3:49, 3:51,3:52, and 3:55. Instead of jogging between each interval, I decided to walk instead. I felt this really helped me recover and gave me the best opportunity to run strong. My legs were on first by the last interval, so losing two seconds on my target pace was not an issue for me at all!

I was thrilled to have this workout behind me. Shortly after my run I was in the park with my son chatting about running with someone and they mentioned how runners really need to take it easy in this heat. I looked at him deadpanned and said, “I agree. You have to be insane to run hard on a day like this!”


Strava Run 

Wednesday – “Building Better Runners” strength training circuit #1. Today is a  rest day for me. I got in some strength training today. I’ve also been focusing a lot on my core; something I really focused during my previous marathon training plan, but have been neglecting so far.

Thursday – 13.1 kilometres/1:03:11/4:48 pace. I met my buddy Dom at our meet-up spot at the end of the Beltline and we hammered out a 13 kilometre run. We toyed with the idea of doing another speed workout, but it was so stinking hot, we decided to just run quick instead. We started meeting Thursday night for our runs which is good because I don’t have to squeeze in a run after work, but it’s typically after dinner when I’d rather be relaxing on the couch! Still, any day you can get a run in is a good day!

Strava Run

Friday – 5.1 kilometres/25:05/4:51 pace. I did not have the energy to run today and for hours waved back and forth between taking a day off and shortening my run just so I can get it done. We’re all going to have days like this and sometimes it doesn’t matter what motivational posts you read on Instagram or how many people run past your home, you just don’t want to get out for a run. Thankfully, today was not that day. I ran 5 kilometres and was happy to get it done!

In other news, our son is away for the weekend at the same camp my wife went to when she was younger. It’s a great camp and gives kids my son’s age an opportunity to try it out for the weekend. Really excited for the little man!

Strava Run

Saturday – 28 kilometres/2:34:59/5:32 pace. Today was a real treat as a couple of friends joined us for our long run. I met Daniel’s friend Ashlee following the Waterfront 10. She’s really cool and joined us for about 16 kilometres of today’s run.

I also invited my friend Christina, better known as The Athletarian on her blog and The_Athletarian on Instagram. I met Christina when we were both Digital Champions for the 2015 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. We’ve always discussed running together, but we always had conflicting schedules. Christina is doing some amazing things in the Toronto running community and she’s a bit of a rock star on Instagram and her blog, so it really was a treat to have her run with us! Aside from that, she’s also a really strong runner!

Thanks for coming our Ashlee and Christina!

You may also notice, today is the first time I’ve done a long run on a Saturday. For the past 2+ years, I’ve always done my long runs on Saturdays, mostly because my son always had soccer, hockey, or something else on Saturday mornings. I absolutely LOVED getting my long run today because I now had the entire weekend open!

Strava Run

Sunday – Today was a recovery day, but that didn’t mean a recovery run. I already ran five days this week, so my intention is to get out on my road bike or ride around with the fam. With our son away for the weekend, my wife and I rode around the neighbourhood for about 1.5 hours and then walked around a bit. I felt really good after yesterday’s long run!

Total Kilometres This Week – 69.3

Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Erie Marathon Training: Week 6

  1. YOU are the rockstar!!! Thanks again for an amazing run. I don’t think I would have made it that far without you! Can’t wait to join you guys again!

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