Erie Marathon Training: Week Five

week five

Good Morning and Happy Monday! So this week wasn’t as action-packed as last week, but I surpassed 70km! The last time I ran more than 70 kilometres in a week was back in April, a few weeks prior to my Spring marathon.

[ week 5 / 10 weeks until the Erie Marathon ]

Monday – Building Better Runners Circuit #2 + Core. No running today. My legs were still so heavy after Saturday’s race and Sunday’s long run with speed work; I really needed a rest. I did get my strength training session in which made me very happy!

Tuesday – 12.5 kilometres/1:03:03/5:03 pace. Back on the horse! Feeling pretty good after resting yesterday. Took it relatively easy today as I have a speed workout tomorrow. I did rock my Waterfront 10 shirt today!

Strava Run 

Wednesday – Tempo Run [2 kilometres warm-up, 6 kilometres @ marathon pace, 2.5 kilometres cool-down]. Today was a speed workout. I spoke about hill repeats and intervals in previous posts. The third workout I do is the tempo run. I typically run a 2 kilometre warm-up at active recovery (sometimes a bit quicker) pace, x kilometres at marathon pace where x = however many kilometres my plan calls for, and finally 2-3 kilometres cool-down at active recovery pace. This week, I did six kilometres at marathon pace and nailed it. I was a tad fast between my fifth and sixth kilometre, but that was due to a slight downhill.

My run ended at my son’s aftercare. Today was his last day of school and he had his face painted like The Flash. Fitting.

tempo run

Strava Run

Thursday – 15 kilometres/1:13:57/4:56 pace + 6×20 second strides. I already did a speed workout yesterday, so today was supposed to be an easy run. I met up with Dom and Daniel for a 16 kilometre run on the Beltline. What I didn’t realize is Daniel had some speed work planned for the run. I didn’t have to do it, but I also never turn down an opportunity to run fast! We ran at a decent pace and about halfway through the run started to add-in some sprints. Sprints are short bursts of speed for a set period of time at about 80-90% (typically the VO2 Max zone). After each sprint, you bring the pace down to active recovery for a set period of time. We did six sprints for 20 seconds each. Dom and I were pretty gassed, so we cut  the run short at 15 kilometres. Daniel got in the full 16.

Strava Run

Friday – 10 kilometres/50:40/5:04 pace. It’s Canada Day! Happy Birthday Canada! No work today, so I got to sleep in. It was raining in the morning, so I pushed my run back to the end of the day. Because it was raining, my wife and I took our son to the science centre and let him run a round a bit. We also watched America Wild: National Parks Adventure on the IMAX dome. While we were watching it, the three of us were were all thinking the same thing; we need to visit the Grand Canyon or Yosemite National Park! I may have been the only one thinking I would LOVE to run through a national park!

After chasing my son around the science centre, I was able to conserve some energy for a 10 kilometre run through the Beltline. I wore my typical red running cap and added a red shirt for Canada Day and kept the pace easy for the greater part of the run.

Strava Run

Saturday – Rest day! Even though I ran  four days in a row, two of which included speed workouts, my legs felt fine; however, we were taking our bikes down to the waterfront in the morning so our son can experience biking on the Queen’s Quay bike path for the first time. We parked on Parliament and rode our bikes west to Bathurst Street. It’s about seven kilometres out and back and my son did really well! We did stop on the waterfront to look at the tall ships and get him some gelato. We then racked the bikes and walked over to the St. Lawrence Market. We ended the day with a BBQ with our friends and neighbours. Today was a pretty awesome “rest” day.

Sunday – 26 kilometres/2:08:02/4:55 pace. What a day! It was supposed to be a hot one, so we got an early start on our long run. Dom, Anna, Daniel, and I met down by the lake at 7am for  a 26 kilometre run. It was an easy out and back along the lake. When you’re running in hot temperatures for a couple of hours, there’s nothing better than the lake breeze to cool you off! Along the way, we passed a few friendly faces, one of which was Brittany Moran from The Runner’s Academy.

When I got back from the run, I showered and rest for a whole hour before we packed our bikes and headed back down to the lake for another bike ride. This time my sister-in-law Andrea joined us. Unlike yesterday, this ride was slightly more difficult for our son because there were a few decent sized hills he had to climb. He has a pretty small bike, so he has to pedal extra hard to climb these hills. We stopped a couple of times so he could play in the parks along Lakeshore and rest his legs. The ride was 12 kilometres out and back; by far the longest distance our son ever biked, so I can understand why he was tired!

It was getting close to dinner time, so we racked the bikes and headed over to Pizzeria Libretto on Ossington for dinner. We then walked over to Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery for ice cream. If you haven’t been either Pizzeria Libretto or Bang Bang, please go. Both spots are incredible!

Strava Run

Total Kilometres This Week – 74

Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!


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