Erie Marathon Training: Week Four

week four
Good Morning and Happy Monday! This week was bananas! I hit my 3-year runniversary and crushed my 10k PB on Saturday at the Waterfront 10 race. Let’s take a look at what happened this week.

[ week 4 / 11 weeks until the Erie Marathon ]

Monday –10 kilometres/50:32/5:03 pace. It was an absolute scorcher today and it felt like the skies were going to open up the entire time I was running. I was really hoping they would so I could cool off. Of course, 10 minutes after I finished my run, it absolutely poured for a few minutes and then stopped.

Strava Run


Tuesday – 11.5 kilometres/58:53/5:07 pace. Today is usually a workout day for me, but I decided to take it easy due to my race next Saturday. Glad I got a couple of kilometres in today. I really like this route for some reason. There’s a few nice elevation changes and flying across Lawrence Avenue is always fun.

Strava Run 

Wednesday – I had a rest and recovery day today so I pretty much chilled did just that. I have not been very good at doing my strength training circuits, but that needs to change now if I want any hope at hitting my goal time in Erie next September.

Thursday – 12 kilometres/58:34/4:53 pace. Today is my 3-year runniversay! I wrote all about it in a recent blog post. It’s still really hard to believe how far I’ve come in three years. I’ve been very fortunate to be able to run the way I do and continue to improve at this rate. I am really looking forward to the future and all that I’m hoping to achieve!

My buddy Dom and I meetup after dinner for an east 12 kilometre run. Not sure when it happened, but we started to turn on the jets pretty quickly and we ended up flying through the Beltline trail today. It felt great to go fast and probably had something to do with wanting to get redemption on my very first run 3 years ago today.

It’s been a very good three years!

Strava Run

Friday – I typically run on Fridays, but I’m resting today because tomorrow is the Waterfront 10 race. I haven’t run in a 10k race in 14 months, so I’m hoping the 43:21 PB in the photo above gets erased!

Saturday -11.5 kilometres/41:04/4:06 pace. It’s race day!

I posted a race report on my blog to spare everyone from having to read through it twice. You can read it here. In summary, wicked course, wicked race, wicked results! Below are some photos from the race.


How beautiful is this medal?!?!

Strava Run

Sunday – 24 kilometres/2:04:28/5:11 pace. Long, Slow Distances (LSD) day. With Daniel and Dom racing yesterday, they moved their long run to Sunday which gave me an opportunity to run with Anna and the boys again (as opposed to me running to Dom’s house and then running a bit together). I knew Daniel and Dom had some speed play planned for their run, but I didn’t really give it much thought at the time.

Daniel led us through a really nice, but hilly route, which really tested my tired legs. The run was 16 kilometres at a slow pace with the last 8 kilometres at marathon pace. I didn’t expect to be able to do much of the speed work given my legs were pretty heavy, so I was very happy pulling off 5 kilometres!

Strava Run

Anna and The Boys

Total Kilometres This Week – 67.6

Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Erie Marathon Training: Week Four

      1. That’s a good plan! However, it does look like the cutoff times may be lower this year (if any), compared to other years, given that Boston was hot this year and other key feeder races have been hot as well. There are only predictions, but I have my fingers crossed for you! I am BQ minus 4ish minutes, so there’s a chance I won’t get in either! Good luck! 🙂

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      2. TRUE! So many factors. Last year was also the women’s 50th anniversary, so there’s that too. 4 minutes is a pretty comfortable buffer If I had that, I would not be running Erie. LOL. Anyway, I’m in a new age category for 2018, so I’ll get another 10 minutes! Boston is probably the only good reason for getting old!

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