Week 3: Erie Marathon Training

Good Morning and Happy Monday! I feel like the weeks are flying by! There are just 12 weeks to go before the big race. Not getting nervous…yet!

[ week 3 / 12 weeks until the Erie Marathon ]

Monday – I missed my recovery run today because I was incredibly busy at work and couldn’t get home in time to run, pick-up my son from aftercare, eat dinner, and get my son to the park for soccer. I plan on making-up this run tomorrow and moving tomorrow’s workout to Wednesday. Sometimes your training plan needs to be flexible to allow for days where there may be conflicts.

Tuesday – 10.2 kilometres/50:31/4:57 pace. Today is usually a workout day for me, but considering I missed yesterday’s run, I decided to take it easy today.  On today’s Instagram post, I asked my followers how they keep their pace in check. I often run by feel, but usually feel pretty good so runs where I’m moving 4:40-4:50/km pace tend to feel easy for me. If I were to follow the various popular running websites, they would quote 60-90 seconds slower than marathon pace for easy runs. Running 5:25/km is VERY difficult for me as I feel as if I’m barely moving; even on recovery runs. Perhaps this means I need to increase the speed of my workouts to compensate. It is possible my legs are telling me I can actually finish a marathon faster than 3:09, right?

Strava Run 


Wednesday – 11 kilometres/3.5 kilometres w/u, 4×600 hill repeats, 3 kilometres c/d. Yesterday’s workout was moved to today and, this week, hills were on the agenda. I used to do my hill repeats at the end of my street, but the incline wasn’t steep enough and was about 400 metres end to end. Now I do my hill repeats at Hogg’s Hollow. I usually start with a 3.5km warm up which takes me to the bottom of the hill at Yonge Street and Mill Street. I then South (which is really up the hill) on Yonge Street for 600 metres, then jog/walk down and repeat for however many times my schedule requires; today’s workout called for 4 repeats. I then run home (or to my son’s aftercare) for my cold down. I’ll do a few of these workouts in my training plan and then drop them for speed sessions only. Erie is a flat course, so I won’t need to focus so much on hill training.

Strava Run

Thursday – 5.2 kilometres/25:00/4:46 pace. Another super busy day at work which meant I got home later than I would have liked and was only able to squeeze in 5 kilometres today. I’m taking on a new role at work, which means I won’t be able to run between work and dinner anymore. Looks like my mid-week runs will be taking place in the morning starting mid-July.

Strava Run

Friday – 10 kilometres/48:08/4:49 pace. Boy was it hot today! I cranked out a 10 kilometre run on the Beltline today. With the shift in my plan this week, today is my fourth straight day of running. It’s not a huge deal for me, but I do like my rest/recover days, especially when it comes to training for marathons.

Strava Run

Saturday – For the past two weeks I’ve been incorporating cycling in my training plan and have really enjoyed it; however, I was really wiped from running in the heat the past four days so I decided to sleep in and skip the bike.

Sunday – 26.2 kilometres/2:21:12/5:23 pace. Long, Slow Distances (LSD) day. Today’s run was messy. I don’t know if it was the heat or just my head not being into it. I had a 26 kilometre long run on the schedule and part way through did not think I would be able to complete it. Like last week, I ran to my buddy Dom’s house for the first 10 kilometres, then we ran together for another 16. It was fairly obvious to me I would be suffering through the run and I did. The discomfort in my right inner thigh crept up again, which is odd because it didn’t bother me all week. I’ve been focusing on stretching the area and hopefully it will pass soon.

Today was also Father’s Day which really helped to put this run behind me. My wife and I took our son to Woodbine Beach for a picnic followed by some splashing around in the ice cold algae filled water!

Strava Run

Total Kilometres This Week – 62.6

Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!


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