Week 1: Erie Marathon Training

Good morning and Happy Monday! The running hiatus is over and it’s back to work! It’s been 5 weeks since I ran the GoodLife Marathon and while I did take a solid week off from running (not even a recovery run!) following the marathon, and did run a race two weeks ago, I’ve been maintaining a decent base between  32-40 kilometres. I’ll admit I really enjoyed the reduced time on my feet and the total disregard for what I ate since the marathon!

[ week 1 / 14 weeks until the Erie Marathon ]

Monday – 7 kilometres/34:55/4:59 pace. Day 1 of my Erie Marathon training plan! Mondays are typically recover runs for me with long runs taking place on Sundays. I couldn’t wait to kick-off my training plan, but boy was it hot outside! My work/life schedule has been a bit wonky as of late, so I had to cut this one short at 7km. I typically run between 10-12 kilometres for my recovery runs and other easy runs.

Strava Run

Tuesday – 10 kilometres/49:06/4:55 pace. It’s still really hot, but I got my 10km run in today. I may need to start thinking about early morning runs when the temperate by mid-afternoon is expected to top 30 Celsius; the only issue is, I really like my bed! I also need to start paying attention to my pace. I treated this run as a mini speed session with some fartleks. While this wasn’t actually a workout run, I’m training now, so dropping sub-5:00 pace for easy runs won’t cut it going forward.

I also need to decide which days to do my workouts (tempo run, hill work, intervals) because I juggled my schedule to accommodate some cycling on Saturdays (more on that below) and account for days where I expect to be in the office longer, like Wednesdays.

Strava Run 

Wednesday – Happy Global Running Day! Today I ran 0 kilometres! I know, I know. For someone that runs as much as I do, how is it possible that I didn’t run at all on this day?!?! The truth is I am sticking to my plan and when the plan says rest, I’m resting. This is a big marathon coming up and I have lofty goals so I don’t want to jeopardize my training by risking injury or tacking on too many junk miles. I do hope you got out to run!

I did do one of my Building Better Runners strength training circuits from The Runner’s Academy as well as some core work. Don’t underestimate the importance of a strong core; for me this has been a game changer in recent races.

Thursday – 3.5 kilometres/15:13/4:19 pace (inaccurate GPS data) + 10 kilometres/54:26/5:27 pace.  Tonight was a real treat as I got to reconnect with some amazing people, run with some serious talent, and sample some really good ciders! RunTOBeer, Canada Running Series, and The Craft Brasserie & Grill hosted over 100 runners for a Waterfront 10K tune-up run. Runners had the choice of running the 3km, 5km, and 10km routes. I rode the subway down to St. Andrew station and ran 3.5km to the meeting point. This meant running across King Street where most GPS watches go bonkers. At the end of the run, my Garmin congratulated me for running a 2 minute kilometre! Nice try Garmin.

After few high-fives at The Craft Brasserie & Grill, we set off for a 10km run with the folks from RunTOBeer. The front of the pack pacer was special guest Matt Loiselle, a wicked fast runner and one of Canada’s top elite runners. I held back for a bit to chat with some friends, then picked up the pace to run with Matt for a bit. This was a fun run, so the front of the pack didn’t turn on the jets, but it was still speedy! At the end of the race, everyone received two complimentary samples of Ontario’s finest cider. Can I even call this a training run?!?!

Strava Run
Strava Run

Friday – 5 kilometres/25:31/5:06 pace. I was on the fence about the distance I would run today. Sure I’m following a training plan, but it’s week one and I don’t want to tack on too many kilometres in the first week. I ran a “quick” 5 kilometres and was really happy I kept my pace over 5:00.

Strava Run

Saturday – 21.3 kilometres/51:37. OK, so this isn’t running, but it was by far the most exciting thing I’ve done in ages. I’ve always been a recreational cyclist, that is when I actually ever rode a bike which was not often. The last time I was serious about riding, I was in my teens and owned a Dyno BMX bike with tricked out wheels and pegs for my friends to hitch a ride. My wife and I own bikes, but the last time we rode them, my son was probably 1 or 2 years old (5-6 years ago) and we took turns pulling him in a bike trailer. Last Fall, I had this insane idea I would one day participate in a triathlon so I purchased a road bike (I also started swimming lessons, which quickly made me realize, I will one day break a record for the oldest person to ever attempt a triathlon). The bike sat in my shed all Fall and Winter until today.

I had no idea what to expect as the only time I tried clip less pedals was in the bike shop when I was fitted for the bike and I never actually went anywhere as the bike was on a trainer! Getting used to the pedals took about 5 minutes, but the trickiest part for me was switching gears. I had no clue what I was doing and was probably in every gear possible a number of times by the time the ride was over. I was also going pretty fast on some of the downhills (45km/hr) and I started to feel like Elliot in E.T. when his bike started to lift off the ground at the end of the movie. I know I have A LOT to learn about cycling, but this was by far one of the greatest experiences in my life! Cycling is an amazing sport, is a great compliment to running, and I can’t wait to see how my running improves as a result!

Strava Ride

Sunday – 23 kilometres/2:00:02/5:13 pace. Long, Slow Distances (LSD) are back! I did not sleep well at all last night and it was mostly due to the fact it rained pretty hard all night. I was stressing over what to wear and whether I actually wanted to run if the rain didn’t let up. The forecast was calling for thunderstorms, but they must have occurred over night when I was trying to sleep. When I actually did roll out of bed, the first thing I noticed was the humidity. It was a challenge to breathe properly and I knew today’s run would be tough. I ran 12 kilometres to by buddy Dom’s house where he and another buddy Daniel were waiting for me; Dom and Daniel do their long runs on Saturdays, so today was a recovery run for them. We cranked out an easy 8 kilometre run together and I added one more at the end for a cool 23 kilometres. This was the longest distance I ran since my last marathon on May 1st.

Strava Run

Total Kilometres This Week – 58.5
Hope you have a great week and thanks for reading!



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