Erie Marathon Training: Week Four

Good Morning and Happy Monday! This week was bananas! I hit my 3-year runniversary and crushed my 10k PB on Saturday at the Waterfront 10 race. Let's take a look at what happened this week. [ week 4 / 11 weeks until the Erie Marathon ] Monday –10 kilometres/50:32/5:03 pace. It was an absolute scorcher today … Continue reading Erie Marathon Training: Week Four


Race Report: Toronto Waterfront 10

My very first race was the 2014 Toronto Yonge Street 10K and I finished with a time of 50:13. I loved this race for two reasons: 1. it started a few hundred metres from my house and 2. it was mostly downhill. I finished the 2015 Yonge Street 10K with a time of 43:21; a … Continue reading Race Report: Toronto Waterfront 10

It’s My 3rd Runniversary!

Today marks three years since I started running. I often joke that I'll never forget my first run because it nearly killed me. The truth it was one of the hardest runs of my life (including the time I raced the 2014 Sporting Life 10k with an IT Band injury!), but I loved it. Where … Continue reading It’s My 3rd Runniversary!


Product Review: SPIbelt Endurance Series

Disclaimer: I purchased my SPIbelt Endurance Series two years ago. SPIbelt did not send me this product which means this review is based on my own personal experience; your own personal experiences may vary. Running shoes, running attire, and a running watch. When I first starting running three years ago, this was the minimum set … Continue reading Product Review: SPIbelt Endurance Series


Week 3: Erie Marathon Training

Good Morning and Happy Monday! I feel like the weeks are flying by! There are just 12 weeks to go before the big race. Not getting nervous...yet! [ week 3 / 12 weeks until the Erie Marathon ] Monday – I missed my recovery run today because I was incredibly busy at work and couldn't get home … Continue reading Week 3: Erie Marathon Training


Week 2: Erie Marathon Training

Good Morning and Happy Monday! With week 1 of my Erie training plan clearly being a lot of fun, it was time to get serious! After some deliberation, instead of adding a speed workout starting in week 4 (essentially at the starting point of a 12 week program), I decided I would start in week … Continue reading Week 2: Erie Marathon Training


Week 1: Erie Marathon Training

Good morning and Happy Monday! The running hiatus is over and it's back to work! It's been 5 weeks since I ran the GoodLife Marathon and while I did take a solid week off from running (not even a recovery run!) following the marathon, and did run a race two weeks ago, I've been maintaining a … Continue reading Week 1: Erie Marathon Training