Boston Marathon Training: Week 3

Good Morning and Happy Monday! There are now three weeks completed in my training plan and week three was my best week so far! I finally got all six runs in and while two were on the treadmill due to inclement weather, I still got in 74.6km! Super hapy with how things unfolded this week! … Continue reading Boston Marathon Training: Week 3


Boston Marathon Training: Week 1

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday! Even as I started writing this blog post, it's surreal to think I started my training cycle for the Boston Freakin Marathon this past week! Boston didn't feel real when I qualified in May. It didn't feel real sitting on a 13-minute plus buffer until registration day. It didn't feel … Continue reading Boston Marathon Training: Week 1

Race Report: 2017 Hamilton Marathon Road2Hope

My race season was supposed to end after the Chicago Marathon, but considering the warm conditions at that race and the result which I was not really happy with, I decided to give this marathon thing one more try for 2017. I wanted to give myself enough time to recover, but not too much time … Continue reading Race Report: 2017 Hamilton Marathon Road2Hope

Chicago Marathon Training: Week 12

Good Afternoon and Happy Saturday! I'm not sure why my last two updates took so long to post; actually, I know why this one took so long. It was mostly because I was distracted with Boston Marathon registration week. I registered on Wednesday and was basically checking email every 5 minutes until Friday evening when … Continue reading Chicago Marathon Training: Week 12

Chicago Marathon Training: Week 11

Good Morning and Happy Saturday! Yeah, I'm a little late with this training update. The week completely got away from me with Monday being a holiday, my son back in the school routine, and getting pretty busy at work! [ week 11 / 5 weeks until the Chicago Marathon ] Monday – W11D01 – Recovery … Continue reading Chicago Marathon Training: Week 11