Boston Marathon Training: Week 8

Good Afternoon and Happy Monday! We returned from our vacation early this morning (arrived home at 4:15am to be exact!) and fortunately, it's Family Day in Ontario today which means no work or school so we can spend the day relaxing and doing laundry. Fun! Running while on vacation is always tough; especially when you're … Continue reading Boston Marathon Training: Week 8


Boston Marathon Training: Week 7

Good Morning and Happy Monday! Hopefully, by the time this posts, I'll be in sunny Mexico soaking up the sun and getting acclimated to the hot running temps! After a recovery week, I got my mileage back up again this week and broke 80 kilometers! [ Training week 7 / 9 weeks until the Boston … Continue reading Boston Marathon Training: Week 7

Boston Marathon Training: Week 1

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday! Even as I started writing this blog post, it's surreal to think I started my training cycle for the Boston Freakin Marathon this past week! Boston didn't feel real when I qualified in May. It didn't feel real sitting on a 13-minute plus buffer until registration day. It didn't feel … Continue reading Boston Marathon Training: Week 1

Race Report: 2017 Hamilton Marathon Road2Hope

My race season was supposed to end after the Chicago Marathon, but considering the warm conditions at that race and the result which I was not really happy with, I decided to give this marathon thing one more try for 2017. I wanted to give myself enough time to recover, but not too much time … Continue reading Race Report: 2017 Hamilton Marathon Road2Hope