Chicago Marathon Training: Week 13

Good Afternoon and Happy Wednesday! Getting slightly better at publishing my weekly training updates! Yay me! This was not an amazing week of training for me. I missed a day and cut short what was supposed to be my longest long run before I start my three week taper. I've been in this situation plenty … Continue reading Chicago Marathon Training: Week 13


Chicago Marathon Training: Week 12

Good Afternoon and Happy Saturday! I'm not sure why my last two updates took so long to post; actually, I know why this one took so long. It was mostly because I was distracted with Boston Marathon registration week. I registered on Wednesday and was basically checking email every 5 minutes until Friday evening when … Continue reading Chicago Marathon Training: Week 12

Chicago Marathon Training: Week 11

Good Morning and Happy Saturday! Yeah, I'm a little late with this training update. The week completely got away from me with Monday being a holiday, my son back in the school routine, and getting pretty busy at work! [ week 11 / 5 weeks until the Chicago Marathon ] Monday – W11D01 – Recovery … Continue reading Chicago Marathon Training: Week 11

Chicago Marathon Training: Week 8

Good Morning and Happy Monday! I'm officially halfway through my Chicago Marathon training plan! In eight weeks, I'll be toeing the line at my second World Marathon Major and one of the most exciting races in the world! I'm already getting goosebumps thinking about it! If the previous week of training was disappointing for several … Continue reading Chicago Marathon Training: Week 8

Chicago Marathon Training: Week 7

Good Afternoon and Happy Monday! Over the course of a 16-week training plan, you're going to have really good weeks and a couple of really bad weeks; it's inevitable and bound to happen! What's important is how you handle the bad weeks so they don't affect the rest of your plan. This past week was … Continue reading Chicago Marathon Training: Week 7